Taking Stock – September 2015

Man I can’t believe its nearly the end of September already! They say time goes faster as you get older & they weren’t wrong. 

So I thought it would be a good idea to join up with Pip at Meetmeatmikes & do a taking stock post to document where I’m starting from & see how much things may change or stay the same as I periodically complete her list below. 

I also thought this would be a good way to “pop my blogging cherry” so to speak & give you a little bit more of an insight into my world. If you want to play along, I’ve attached a copy of the list at the end of this post for you to copy & paste, just be sure to credit & link back to Pip if you do.

Making: A mess. Lots & lots of mess. I can’t do anything in an orderly fashion

Cooking: Baby food/meals for the freezer, muffins, roasts & other quick, simple dinners

Drinking: Cups & cups of tea, chai lattes & hazelnut hot chocolates- warming myself up from the inside out 

Reading: Bedtime stories- Enid Bylton at the moment & lots & lots of blogs over on Bloglovin. 

Wanting: A massage & a decent nights sleep. My whole body aches & I’m so very, very tired 

Looking: for my 4 yr olds misplaced items daily, lost hats, shoes, toys etc

Playing: Lots of backyard cricket & soccer 

Deciding: What to buy our baby for his 1st birthday 

Wishing: Time would slow down. Seriously, September’s nearly over already & Pumpkin is almost ONE!! 

Enjoying: Sunny days, or at least I was. What happened to Spring? It feels like winter again here at the moment.

Waiting: On Hubby to get home. Every day it’s getting later & later with the crazy hours he’s doing 

Liking: All things “Donuts” at the moment, like this cute new stationery range from Hippo Blue.

Wondering: If I’ll ever get a decent nights sleep again

Loving: Family catch ups

Pondering: Backyard designs. We’ve been in our home for 6 months now & want to start making some changes

Considering: Doing a nutritional cleanse

Buying: 1st birthday party supplies

Watching: ABC4 kids- all.the.time!

Hoping: To win the lotto! A girl can dream right? However I’d have a better chance of winning if I actually bought a ticket!

Marvelling: At the beauty of mother nature 

Cringing: At our countries politics & yet another change of leadership mid term. 

Needing: SLEEP!! 11 months of very few hours a night is taking its toll

Questioning: Every parenting decision I make & wondering if doing things differently would have had a different or better result

Smelling: Dirty nappies. Yep it’s gross, but true. Try not to be too jealous of my glamorous life

Wearing: Slippers & scarves. I LOVE scarves

Following: My baby Pumpkin EVERYWHERE as he’s very mobile & into EVERYTHING & everything goes in his mouth

Noticing: All the tiny baby contraband items lying around, I need to be on my game (see above)

Knowing: That I’m doing the best I can with where I am right now, although sometimes that’s easier said than done to remember 

Thinking: About a holiday. It’s been a long time since we last had a proper one.

Admiring: People who jump in & “start” to go after what they want. Like Carly & her new business venture Little Lettie Boxes or Jo & her colourful new blog Say Hello Jo I procrastinate too much & overthink everything. I just need to “DO”.

Sorting: Baby and Kids clothes, both boys are having a growth spurt & it’s hard keeping up 

Getting: Grey hairs! These boys are aging me prematurely 

Bookmarking: Birthday ideas for a Rainbow themed party, like these ones over at ArtsyCraftyMom & Retro Mummy

Coveting: A new phone & computer. I desperately need an upgrade

Disliking: Yelling so often at naughty children

Opening: Bills. Gah- Car rego, service & insurance all due this month. Yuck!

Giggling: At Peanut & Pumpkins antics. They are so funny & cute together 

Feeling: Tired. Beyond exhausted 

Snacking: On chocolate, muesli bars & muffins- yep junk food, not good but the necessities of an emotional, stressed out & sleep deprived mumma

Helping: A friend through a difficult time, or at least I hope I am in some way 

Hearing: Keith Urban, CDs, DVDs & Peanut singing the songs constantly. He’s obsessed & has a little man crush, it’s a bit cute.

Do you Take Stock? Let me know in the comments below so I can come check out your lists too. Or if you haven’t done it before why not give it a try now.
                          Lozzie x

Making :

Cooking :

Drinking :








































3 thoughts on “Taking Stock – September 2015

  1. Oh thank you lovely for the mention! It has been in the works a while but even now it is still scary that I have just spent so much + put so much time in without knowing whether any boxes will sell! xx


    1. You’re very welcome & that’s the whole point, you took a chance, you are doing something you love & are passionate about & without knowing the outcome you are DOING IT. I sat on this blog for so long for fear of not having enough to say, nothing new or inspiring, or would anyone even care or read it, but then went pffffftttt, I’m doing this for me. It’s my creative outlet & I just need to get on with it & I looked at you & Jo doing the same thing & was inspired. So thank you. And I love your boxes & think they will be a great success xx


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