Flavor of the month {Ice cream}

Now that the weather is warming up down here in the Southern Hemisphere & summer is on it’s way I can’t help but think of days spent down at the beach playing in the sunshine, splashing in the surf & finishing the day off with everyones favorite, Ice cream. 

These cute items are guaranteed to make you smile & transport you back to those fun times but without the sticky mess of melted icecream all over your face & hands or the added calories! 


1. Ice cream lamp available at Lark Store. Battery operated, soft light lamp for the bedroom. 

2. Ice cream skipping rope also from Lark Store How cute is this! 

3. Ice cream cushions from Hazel loves Ivy. Cute accessory for the kids playroom/bedroom or even your own.

4. Ice cream clock by Nest Accessories. I LOVE clocks & this is just the sweetest. It’s also available in other flavors (colours) too. 

5. Ice cream tea pot & cup set from Target. A tea party for one has never looked so good. 

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!

                    Lozzie x

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Which item above do you love? Do you know of any other ice cream products I should know about? 

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*This is not a sponsored post nor are there any affiliate links. Just items I’ve come across in the course of the month that caught my eye. 


5 Things I took for Granted Before I had Kids


I LOVE my boys, I really do, but lately most days are a constant blur of mess & noise, tears & tantrums (sometimes mine) ok, mostly mine!

 Life is chaotic & crazy with kids, it’s full on & there’s not a lot of “down time.” Sure it’s fun & fulfilling too, they continue to amaze & surprise me & make me smile everyday (yes even through the tears) but sometimes I’ll find myself looking back on my life before kids & wish I’d appreciated some of the things I took for granted just a little bit more.

1) My time – being able to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted, without needing to work around little peoples feeding/sleeping schedules.  I use to be able to sit & read a good book for hours uninterrupted (I can’t remember the last time I even picked up a book lately) Organising to meet a friend for a coffee or dinner on the spur of the moment & then being able to enjoy that time together without watching the clock & having to rush off to get back home. Shopping for clothes, taking the time to browse and actually being able to TRY ON a bunch of different things in a change room as opposed to holding an item of clothing up to myself & thinking “yep that’ll do” as Peanuts running off & Pumpkin starts crying & squirming around in the pram. Even just the little luxuries like having a long shower (without having to decide, should I wash my hair or shave my legs today because I don’t have time to do both) or going to the bathroom without an audience & a billion (sometimes inappropriate) questions would be nice once in awhile.

2) Travelling light – leaving the house to go anywhere before kids was easy. I picked up my handbag with all my essentials (phone, keys, wallet & water) & walked out the door. These days you’d think I was going on a mini holiday with the amount of crap I carry around just to go out for a couple hours to the local shopping centre or park. 

3) Sleep – I always thought I was tired BEFORE. If anyone asked me how I was, my stock standard reply would be “good, but tired!” Oh man how I miss the days of 8-9 hours of uninterupted sleep & weekend sleep ins, when funnily, I thought that wasn’t enough. Ha! Surviving on 3-4 hrs of broken sleep a night these days I’d happily take that before kids “tired” feeling any day. I didn’t  know the meaning of the word TIRED until I had kids!

 4) Having proper, fully engaged & complete conversations – Being constantly interrupted (although at least he says “excuse me”- small parenting win, yay) or sidetracked by watching out for whatever mischief the boys are currently getting up to & yelling out random things, mid conversation “get off your brother” “put your pants back on” “stop that” & “don’t do that” are the norm these days if you talk to me. Im sorry. I’m lucky if I can finish a thought, string a sentence together, make any kind of sense, follow the conversation & not sound like I have Tourette’s. 

5) Peace & Quiet – I could sit & read a book, the paper, a magazine without having to re-read the same paragraph 5 times. I could watch tv or a movie without having to pause, rewind or turn up the volume multiple times. I could relax & listen to music or just zone out & think in complete & utter silence. It was bliss. Now I have the constant background noise of shrieks, squeals & screams, along with loud, LOUD banging or dropping & throwing of toys 24/7. Sometimes the noise is cute chatter & laughter, reading/telling stories or singing, (which is a bit cute!) but more often than not, it’s the kind that makes me want to go & put my head between 2 pillows to drown it out! Kids are LOUD & there is no volume control.

However, if you can’t beat em, join em! So I’m off to go bang on some pots and pans & join in the boys musical kitchen band. 

                         Lozzie x

Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you had til it’s gone. Are there things  in life you take or took for granted? Is there something you miss from your life, pre kids? I’d love to hear in the comments or come say hi over on Facebook  & Instagram 


Fan Girl Friday #1

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Mine’s been good, but busy.

We celebrated my sisters birthday with family on Sunday, then I caught up with an old school friend of mine while our boys had a play date Weds, another birthday celebration brunch for my sister with the other half of the family Thursday & we’ve just had a play date today with my sons bestie & my old neighbour & friend. Phew!!! What a social week. 

I’ve decided I want to dedicate two Fridays a month to “Fan Girl Friday” which is basically where I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite Blogs, Instagram accounts or Hashtags that you should definately be following if you aren’t already.

I’m a self confessed Instagram addict & spend most of my “online life” over there. It’s a visual medium which is amazing & I love the sense of community, most people are so kind & encouraging & there’s lots of support & friendships made. I love getting little glimpses into peoples lives (even if often they are their more “polished moments”) You can learn & tell a lot from a photo but sometimes it’s the captions that go with them or what people don’t say that speaks volumes. There are so many talented people whose creativeness blows my mind & then there are the ones who post some of THE most incredible images. It makes me want to improve my photography skills & I’d love to do a little course or something soon to help me in that area. 

I’ve been reading blogs for a while now & since launching my own just under a month ago (you can read about why I decided to do that over here) I’ve discovered even more of them. Some amazing people telling their stories, sharing their loves & lives online in the blogging world & it’s been awesome, albeit time consuming. 

Anyway to kick off this Fan Girl series I’m highlighting two fun Instagram accounts this week.

1) Msmeowd 

Michelle has been participating in Fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge for awhile now, but this year she upped her game & has been using m&ms to create her pictures for each days prompt! Some days (most days actually) she blows me away with her take on the prompt & then to actually pull it off with m&ms, I mean, COME ON!! Talent plus. She’s almost completed the full year so I suggest you pop over & check out her feed quick smart. She also often features her 3 cute kids too. You can see her account HERE but here’s a small example of some of her fab pictures. 

2) Peadoodles

 This one is just a super cute, fun account that always manages to make me smile with its little doodles & clever play on words. Take for example the caption “Craft Beer”- insert a cute cartoon drawing of a beer, doing craft! 

Or maybe you need some motivation  & encouragement? Insert “encourage MINT” pic here. 


See what I mean, cute & funny right. Here are just a few more that made me smile & I hope they make you do too. 


To see more of Lisa’s work, go check out the rest of her Instagram account HERE you won’t be disappointed. 

Do you love instagram? Do you love reading blogs? I’ve already got a long list of people to feature over the coming weeks & months but if you follow someone you think is worth me checking out or have any favorites please let me know in the comments. 

                              LOZZIE X

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The Unexpected Kindness of Strangers

The day started out like any other, waking up tired after yet another night of broken sleep, lazy morning in pjs, eating breakfast with the boys & watching Seseame Street & Play School.

I got a txt from my sister seeing if we wanted to go for a walk & after a few back & forth messages & misunderstandings we finally met up to go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. 

Peanut wanted to take us to see this “beautiful garden with flowers & strawberries” that he & my mum had stumbled upon on their walk together the other day when she was up visiting. So he led the way off to find it. (The kid has such a good memory & great sense of direction for a four yr old so I knew he knew where he was going) It wasn’t far from our house, just a few streets over & when we arrived at the house he exclaimed “look at the beautiful flowers”


It was a stunning sea of colours & had such amazing flowers it reminded me of a little country cottage garden. However I was mindful that this was someone’s house as Peanut proceeded to walk further up their driveway to show us all the delights. I was trying to snap a few sneaky pics as they were such gorgeous flowers & colours (how could I not) whilst also telling Peanut not too go to far up, it was someones property after all. He was excited to see & show me the strawberries that were just starting to ripen & then wanted me to “come look at this mummy” as he delved further up the path. 

I noticed a woman walking out from behind the garden which I assumed was a neighbor (coming to check on what these trespassers were doing next door) so quickly said to Peanut ok let’s go honey & started to turn to continue walking back on the street. When she asked “may I help you?” (Uh-oh SPRUNG!) I explained we were just admiring the flowers as my son wanted us to see them & I was taking pictures as they were so lovely & this is the kind of garden I’d like, brimming with colours & beauty (but hubby wants a native garden so that prob won’t happen



We introduced ourselves, explained that we were sisters & how long we’d both been in the area for & she thought it was lovely that we lived so close to each other & that our kids could grow up together. She then asked if we’d like a cutting to take home & gave one flower to each of the kids & then proceeded to take more cuttings of all the different ones for us to take home. I said that wasn’t necessary & I didnt want her to give away all her pretty flowers but she explained she had come outside to take some cutting to give to her neighbors as they prob wouldn’t last in the heat today anyway. 

She then invited us into her backyard to see some more of her beautiful blooms & continued to give us more cuttings, some seedlings for a native tree & gardening advice & said to come back anytime. She said if we came back in Autumn she would have more bulbs & seedlings. 

She had bird bath in the top corner of her garden that Peanut found & told her that it needed to be cleaned because it had dirty water in it. (Although he was polite about it “excuse me, um this is a bit dirty, I think you need to clean it here & here & you can fix this broken chipped bit here so the rain can then run down & fill it up”  I died!!) 

She was just so lovely & kind & we found out in conversation that she use to live in the same suburb as us before we moved up here to the coast. As we spent much longer there than we had planned, our walk got cut short as it was getting to be very hot & I wanted to have Pumpkin back home in time for his nap & the older kids were going to need lunch soon, so we thanked her again, said our goodbyes & headed  home with our beautiful bouquets.

It was such an unexpected & surprising morning, but now thanks to the kindness of a stranger, a lovely lady named Adrienne, my home is filled with beautiful blooms  & my heart is full. 

                        Lozzie x 


Have you been touched by a strangers kindness?  Do you like to surprise people with your own random acts of kindess?  Have you had plans turn out differently than expected, in a good way?  

I want to hear it all. Leave a comment here on the blog or come & tell me your story over on Facebook or Instagram 

I am 1 in 4 

*Warning- this may be a trigger post for some.

Besides being breast cancer awareness month, October is also pregnancy & infant loss awareness month and as I have personally been affected by this (I am one in four) I feel it’s important for me to speak out & try to help break the silence surrounding miscarriage, still birth & infant or neonatal loss. 

Whilst I won’t tell my whole story here now (that’s a much longer post for another time, when or if I can bear to sit down & get it all out on paper as I know it will be a hard an emotional  piece to write & share) I will however give an overview of my experience so you can better understand my journey. 

Ironically October was also the month Ryan was due. The 18th to be exact. I found out on my birthday that I was pregnant with him & it was a welcome surprise as we’d been talking about when we should try & give Peanut a sibling & an October baby meant there would be a 2.5 yr age gap which we thought was perfect. 

However, due to an infection that either caused or was caused by a slight placental ubruption, Ryan was born in June 2013 at only 24 weeks old. The statistics for a baby born that early are pretty grim & I was told about all of them whilst I was in the midst of labour. 

However Ryan was born alive & breathing & so the Drs worked on him until the specialist team arrived & were able to get him stable enough to be transferred to a hospital that was better equipped to care for micro preemies. 

He spent 15 days in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) before he grew his wings & became our little angel baby, another star to light up the night sky. 

  {Photo by Heartfelt volunteer photographer Melissa Brown}

Anyone who knows me & my family, knows we talk about Ryan often. He was & still IS a part of our family & we remember & honor him & his short life by observing & commemorating all of his anniversaries.

It’s not a nice topic, miscarriage , still birth & infant loss. It’s hard to think about. It’s hard to talk about, I know. But 1 in 4 is A LOT. If you haven’t personally been through a loss, chances are you know someone who has, a friend, a family member or colleague. A lot of women & families are touched by pregnancy or infant loss & you don’t realise just how common it actually is (because no one really talks about it) until it happens to you & you become a member of a club you never wanted nor asked to join. However there is some small comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Every circumstance & loss is different & people handle their own situations & grief differently. There is no one way or right way to work through it. You just need to do whatever is best for you at that particular moment to help make it through to the next one. 

It doesn’t matter how far along you were when it occurs, 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, it is a heartbreaking loss. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. It’s unfair & it hurts. The minute you get that positive confirmation of your pregnancy whether it was planned for or a complete & total shock you start picturing & planning for the future with a baby in it. When you have a loss, you don’t just lose the baby, you lose a lifetime of memories & milestones. 


The official Pregnancy Loss & Remembrance Day is on this Thursday 15th October. You can find out more about this day, who started it & why here www.october15th.com & join in with the WAVE OF LIGHT movement to help break the silence & remember all the little babies gone too soon. 


I will be lighting Ryan’s candle on October 15th at 7pm in memory of him & all the other angels taken too soon. Please join me in doing the same. 

If you or someone you know has been through any of the above & needs some support or if you just want to know how you can best help & support a friend or family member during this time, you can  get that & more here at Bears of Hope or at Sands Australia

                        Lozzie x  


If you have experienced the loss of a little loved one, I’m SO sorry. If you’ll be lighting a candle in memory of someone special feel free to share their name or story in the comments below to help break the silence & honor them, if you so wish x 

Rainbow Party for our Rainbow Baby


Last weekend we celebrated Pumpkins 1st birthday here at home with our family (much to hubby’s protests that it was a silly day to have a party & that no one would come) YES it was the long weekend & YES it was grand final day, but we made it through this year (which has definitely been a tough one) & that alone was cause enough for a party & reason to celebrate, besides it being a special milestone birthday (although I do feel 1st birthdays are more for the parents anyway as I don’t know anyone who actually remembers their 1st birthday) & YES almost everyone came. 


We decided to have the party here at home, because we could (hello backyard) after years of unit living & hosting parties in parks or halls & centers it was nice to be able to have it in our own space. We just wanted a low key family affair (although just family still means 14 kids & 23 adults when everyone can come! Hubby is one of SIX so his side of the family is a party in itself!) we decided on having an afternoon tea to work around Pumpkins naptime which worked out perfectly as he was able to be up for the whole party & wasn’t grizzly or too tired & it also meant less prep work for me etc not having to provide a big lunch for everyone, just cake & nibbles (I’m all about quick, easy & fuss free)


We went with a Rainbow theme (for obvious reasons) & I found this such an easy theme to work with as anything goes really, as long as it’s  colourful. 

I kept decorations simple but cheerful with a Happy Birthday flag banner, some balloons, pinwheels, streamers & some colourful paper lanterns, all of which I picked up at a local party shop for a few dollars each. 

Continuing the rainbow theme for the food was pretty easy too. I did some chopped up fruit (grapes, blueberries, strawberries & kiwi) served in cute little cupcake cases & a rainbow veggie platter of red & yellow capsicum, carrot & celery, complete with a “pot of gold” at the end (ie. french onion dip.) Coloured popcorn, m&ms, lollies & all the other usual party food, chips, pretzels & biscuits rounded out the rest of the table.


It was going to be a super hot day here so along with some juice pops for the kids, soft drinks & some alcoholic beverages, I made some fruit infused water, with sliced lemon, a few sprigs of mint & some blueberries & raspberries for a yummy refreshing drink. I also had some rainbow paddle pops because Rainbow & what kid doesn’t like ice cream on a hot day! 

My mum & Peanut made the cake the night before, just a simple butter cake packet mix made “rainbow” with some food coloring (just divide batter between a few bowls, add your colours, pour into pan & then swirl) Easy but effective


I then decorated the cake just before the party using Betty Crocker Vanilla  frosting with some blue food coloring added to be the sky (oh my gosh sooo much blue!! We all looked like we were extras in the movie Frozen with our blue lips & tongues after eating it, but it was worth it, the cake was yum!)  I made some clouds using marshmallows cut in half & a rainbow & rain with m&ms. Then I sprinkled 100s & 1000s around the edges of cake (boy was that hard & messy! Maybe don’t ice the whole cake first if you ever plan to do this!) & then I threw some star sprinkles on top & ta-da birthday cake complete. 


I bought a piñata from the party shop too, a no.1 in multicolors (you can get all sorts of shapes, styles & themes) & filled it with some wrapped lollies, lollipops, mixed fun size chocolates, some bouncy rubber balls, cute little erasers & a few other bits & bobs I found at Kmart. (Seriously how good is Kmart!)


It was so much fun watching all the kids taking their turn to give it a whack & then the mad dash as they all dived down to collect the colourful loot that spilled out of it. 


I did splurge a little bit on the party favors though (shhhh don’t tell hubby) by ordering the cutest little cookies, clouds & rainbows from Hello Naomi & they fit the theme perfectly. They were almost too cute to eat! 


Of course the day was not without it’s dramas beforehand. Besides being a stinking hot day it was WINDY & trying to set up the table & decorations was a nightmare. The tablecloth kept blowing over & knocking down the table decorations, water was spilt (multiple times) streamers blew all over the place & trying to get any nice pictures of it all was near impossible. I was stressed out & frustrated & ready to cancel the whole day. (Melodramatic much? Yes. Over reaction, absolutely!) but in the interest of keeping it honest & real that’s how the day went down, me losing my shit at the weather. Yes the weather, the uncontrollable! In the end we just took the tablecloth away & went with the messy streamers & windswept look.

So all in all, the day went well, the party was fun, we spent time with family & memories were made.  Which in the end is what it’s all about really isn’t it. Oh & cake! 




                         Lozzie x

Do you like to go all out for parties or keep it simple? Do you have a favorite theme you’ve hosted? Do you remember your 1st birthday? 

I’d love to hear from you, Comment here on the blog, come say hi over on Instagram or join us over on Facebook 

Childhood Memories

Days spent playing in the park, climbing trees, sliding down the slippery dip, (trying not to burn my legs on the hot metal) & swinging. Ahhhh memories of my childhood.


For the past 11 years I lived across the road from a park I use to play in as child & subsequently took my own children to, so aptly named after the big willow tree that resided in it. Unfortunately the tree is long gone, but the park has a had a few “facelifts” over the years with lots more play equipment added. It’s a great place for kids to run around, ride a scooter, jump, climb, slide, bounce & swing.

  Ahhhh swinging. Always my favorite. 

Oh to be a child again. To feel the excitement of going faster & faster, the wind rushing past your face as you yell out “higher daddy, higher mummy, faster, higher” as you swing back and forth. Pure. Joy. Feeling like you can fly. Feeling, Free!

I love to see the smiles & squeals of delight on my boys faces as I push them on the swings now as my parents did me many moons ago. 


Truth be told I still love to get on a swing every now & then myself & pump my legs back & forth to make myself go flying through the air, giving me that feeling of being light & FREE. It takes me back to those fun filled, innocent times, before life got real, hard & complicated. Before the responsibilities of adulthood crept in. 

It’s fun to let your hair down (although not actually advised whilst swinging as I’ve heard some horror stories of it getting caught in the chains. Ouch & so NOT freeing) and just be a big kid again. To reconnect with our inner child & enjoy the little things we use to as kids. (Maybe this is why adult coloring books are so popular)

All of a sudden I have an urge to go take my boys for a play at the park. So if you need me, that’s where I’ll be. I promise not to hog the swings though. 

                     Lozzie x

Do you take time out to enjoy the little things? Do you still do things that made you happy as a child? I’d love to hear about what brings you lots of joy & reminds you of your younger self?