Childhood Memories

Days spent playing in the park, climbing trees, sliding down the slippery dip, (trying not to burn my legs on the hot metal) & swinging. Ahhhh memories of my childhood.


For the past 11 years I lived across the road from a park I use to play in as child & subsequently took my own children to, so aptly named after the big willow tree that resided in it. Unfortunately the tree is long gone, but the park has a had a few “facelifts” over the years with lots more play equipment added. It’s a great place for kids to run around, ride a scooter, jump, climb, slide, bounce & swing.

  Ahhhh swinging. Always my favorite. 

Oh to be a child again. To feel the excitement of going faster & faster, the wind rushing past your face as you yell out “higher daddy, higher mummy, faster, higher” as you swing back and forth. Pure. Joy. Feeling like you can fly. Feeling, Free!

I love to see the smiles & squeals of delight on my boys faces as I push them on the swings now as my parents did me many moons ago. 


Truth be told I still love to get on a swing every now & then myself & pump my legs back & forth to make myself go flying through the air, giving me that feeling of being light & FREE. It takes me back to those fun filled, innocent times, before life got real, hard & complicated. Before the responsibilities of adulthood crept in. 

It’s fun to let your hair down (although not actually advised whilst swinging as I’ve heard some horror stories of it getting caught in the chains. Ouch & so NOT freeing) and just be a big kid again. To reconnect with our inner child & enjoy the little things we use to as kids. (Maybe this is why adult coloring books are so popular)

All of a sudden I have an urge to go take my boys for a play at the park. So if you need me, that’s where I’ll be. I promise not to hog the swings though. 

                     Lozzie x

Do you take time out to enjoy the little things? Do you still do things that made you happy as a child? I’d love to hear about what brings you lots of joy & reminds you of your younger self?  


One thought on “Childhood Memories

  1. I still love to bring out my inner child. At 63, I still like to climb the easy trees, my knees aren’t quite as they were then. I LOVE to swing and go on the merry-go round and ferris wheels!. I try to jump rope but can’t jump with the same bounce as when I was younger. I love colouring in and making kiddie craft activities. I guess that’s why I love being a teacher so much, it keeps me young by letting me do some of those cool things! xxx

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