The Unexpected Kindness of Strangers

The day started out like any other, waking up tired after yet another night of broken sleep, lazy morning in pjs, eating breakfast with the boys & watching Seseame Street & Play School.

I got a txt from my sister seeing if we wanted to go for a walk & after a few back & forth messages & misunderstandings we finally met up to go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. 

Peanut wanted to take us to see this “beautiful garden with flowers & strawberries” that he & my mum had stumbled upon on their walk together the other day when she was up visiting. So he led the way off to find it. (The kid has such a good memory & great sense of direction for a four yr old so I knew he knew where he was going) It wasn’t far from our house, just a few streets over & when we arrived at the house he exclaimed “look at the beautiful flowers”


It was a stunning sea of colours & had such amazing flowers it reminded me of a little country cottage garden. However I was mindful that this was someone’s house as Peanut proceeded to walk further up their driveway to show us all the delights. I was trying to snap a few sneaky pics as they were such gorgeous flowers & colours (how could I not) whilst also telling Peanut not too go to far up, it was someones property after all. He was excited to see & show me the strawberries that were just starting to ripen & then wanted me to “come look at this mummy” as he delved further up the path. 

I noticed a woman walking out from behind the garden which I assumed was a neighbor (coming to check on what these trespassers were doing next door) so quickly said to Peanut ok let’s go honey & started to turn to continue walking back on the street. When she asked “may I help you?” (Uh-oh SPRUNG!) I explained we were just admiring the flowers as my son wanted us to see them & I was taking pictures as they were so lovely & this is the kind of garden I’d like, brimming with colours & beauty (but hubby wants a native garden so that prob won’t happen



We introduced ourselves, explained that we were sisters & how long we’d both been in the area for & she thought it was lovely that we lived so close to each other & that our kids could grow up together. She then asked if we’d like a cutting to take home & gave one flower to each of the kids & then proceeded to take more cuttings of all the different ones for us to take home. I said that wasn’t necessary & I didnt want her to give away all her pretty flowers but she explained she had come outside to take some cutting to give to her neighbors as they prob wouldn’t last in the heat today anyway. 

She then invited us into her backyard to see some more of her beautiful blooms & continued to give us more cuttings, some seedlings for a native tree & gardening advice & said to come back anytime. She said if we came back in Autumn she would have more bulbs & seedlings. 

She had bird bath in the top corner of her garden that Peanut found & told her that it needed to be cleaned because it had dirty water in it. (Although he was polite about it “excuse me, um this is a bit dirty, I think you need to clean it here & here & you can fix this broken chipped bit here so the rain can then run down & fill it up”  I died!!) 

She was just so lovely & kind & we found out in conversation that she use to live in the same suburb as us before we moved up here to the coast. As we spent much longer there than we had planned, our walk got cut short as it was getting to be very hot & I wanted to have Pumpkin back home in time for his nap & the older kids were going to need lunch soon, so we thanked her again, said our goodbyes & headed  home with our beautiful bouquets.

It was such an unexpected & surprising morning, but now thanks to the kindness of a stranger, a lovely lady named Adrienne, my home is filled with beautiful blooms  & my heart is full. 

                        Lozzie x 


Have you been touched by a strangers kindness?  Do you like to surprise people with your own random acts of kindess?  Have you had plans turn out differently than expected, in a good way?  

I want to hear it all. Leave a comment here on the blog or come & tell me your story over on Facebook or Instagram 


4 thoughts on “The Unexpected Kindness of Strangers

  1. That’s gorgeous – what a wonderful gesture. I bet your house looks and smells so fabulous right now! Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole!


    1. I was so touched by her kindness that I popped back over the weekend to drop a thank you note in her letterbox. Thanks for hosting the link up, as I’m fairly new to blogging it’s a great way for me to discover some new ones to follow.


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