Fan Girl Friday #1

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Mine’s been good, but busy.

We celebrated my sisters birthday with family on Sunday, then I caught up with an old school friend of mine while our boys had a play date Weds, another birthday celebration brunch for my sister with the other half of the family Thursday & we’ve just had a play date today with my sons bestie & my old neighbour & friend. Phew!!! What a social week. 

I’ve decided I want to dedicate two Fridays a month to “Fan Girl Friday” which is basically where I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite Blogs, Instagram accounts or Hashtags that you should definately be following if you aren’t already.

I’m a self confessed Instagram addict & spend most of my “online life” over there. It’s a visual medium which is amazing & I love the sense of community, most people are so kind & encouraging & there’s lots of support & friendships made. I love getting little glimpses into peoples lives (even if often they are their more “polished moments”) You can learn & tell a lot from a photo but sometimes it’s the captions that go with them or what people don’t say that speaks volumes. There are so many talented people whose creativeness blows my mind & then there are the ones who post some of THE most incredible images. It makes me want to improve my photography skills & I’d love to do a little course or something soon to help me in that area. 

I’ve been reading blogs for a while now & since launching my own just under a month ago (you can read about why I decided to do that over here) I’ve discovered even more of them. Some amazing people telling their stories, sharing their loves & lives online in the blogging world & it’s been awesome, albeit time consuming. 

Anyway to kick off this Fan Girl series I’m highlighting two fun Instagram accounts this week.

1) Msmeowd 

Michelle has been participating in Fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge for awhile now, but this year she upped her game & has been using m&ms to create her pictures for each days prompt! Some days (most days actually) she blows me away with her take on the prompt & then to actually pull it off with m&ms, I mean, COME ON!! Talent plus. She’s almost completed the full year so I suggest you pop over & check out her feed quick smart. She also often features her 3 cute kids too. You can see her account HERE but here’s a small example of some of her fab pictures. 

2) Peadoodles

 This one is just a super cute, fun account that always manages to make me smile with its little doodles & clever play on words. Take for example the caption “Craft Beer”- insert a cute cartoon drawing of a beer, doing craft! 

Or maybe you need some motivation  & encouragement? Insert “encourage MINT” pic here. 


See what I mean, cute & funny right. Here are just a few more that made me smile & I hope they make you do too. 


To see more of Lisa’s work, go check out the rest of her Instagram account HERE you won’t be disappointed. 

Do you love instagram? Do you love reading blogs? I’ve already got a long list of people to feature over the coming weeks & months but if you follow someone you think is worth me checking out or have any favorites please let me know in the comments. 

                              LOZZIE X

Of course you should also be following the MESSY RAINBOWS blog too 😉 to get updates of new posts & see what we’re up to. You can also do that over here on Instagram or come join us over on the Facebook page. 


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