Super Simple Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

What happened to the warm sunny days of spring? Mother Nature must be taking a nap or washing her hair because these past few days she’s let things slip & it feels like we’ve been taken right back into winter with this cool & rainy weather.

I don’t know about you but I love to eat warm comfort foods in the colder weather & I LOVE soups! There are so many different varieties so it’s hard to get bored & they can be decadent, rich & creamy, chock full of veggies or as light & healthy as you like. So while it’s still cool enough I’m taking advantage & knocking out this quick & delicious soup, because come Summer, I’m all about the salads. 

Hubby’s not a huge fan of soup (give the man meat) & he’ll often ask “so what’s for dinner?” after polishing off a bowl or two, because to him soup is an entree or starter but not a main meal. 

However, I find I can get away with the occasional soup for dinner IF it has some meat in it & IF I serve it with some lovely crusty bread or salad on the side. 

If you’re anything like me, (time poor, not the best cook, hate slaving over a meal & doing lots of dishes) then you’ll love this one pot, super quick and easy chicken & sweet corn soup. It’s really tasty & filling too & you can make it two different ways. 

Now just for the record I feel it’s important to point out here I’m no masterchef (far from it) nor am I a food stylist & I don’t have a big beautiful dream kitchen perfect for photographing (although I do wish) so my cooking/foodie posts may be a bit basic (or “rustic” if you will) and just a little bit “messy”, but they’re real & that’s how I cook. I like quick, easy & tasty meals that require minimum ingredients & processes (with two hungry kids underfoot and the constant cries of “where’s dinner” & “I’m hungry”  every few minutes  they need to be) so my recipe posts & photos that accompany them will reflect that more often than not.  

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup.   Serves 4. 


1 ltr of chicken stock (salt reduced or even veggie stock is fine)

400-500gms chicken breast or thigh (I use breast meat) 

2 tins Creamed Corn

1/2 bunch of spring onions/shallots 

Optional extras- soy sauce, 1 egg whisked, chilli & coriander 


Wash & slice shallots diagonally using whites & a little bit of the green, keeping a handful of the green to the side for garnish 

Bring the stock, shallots & creamed corn to a boil in a large pot, stirring occasionally 

When boiling, turn down heat a little & add raw chicken thinly sliced or cut into cubes (it will cook in the hot stock) continue to stir frequently & cook until chicken is cooked through (approximately 10mins, depending on size of chunks) you could put in the whole breast or thigh (to poach) remove & shred with a fork once cooked through, this will make it more authentic & like what you’d find down at your local Chinese but it will take longer & I ain’t got time for that. Besides the chunkier pieces make it more “meaty” & it gives hubby something to chew so he’s less likely to complain about “soup.”  

Alternatively you could use BBQ chicken shredded up & thrown in for an even quicker dinner & if you’re a Martha Stewart type you could totally make your own stock from scratch too. 

Season with a little cracked black pepper & serve in bowls with reserved spring onions to garnish on top. I find it especially tasty served with some garlic or herb bread to dip in & soak up the yummy broth. 

That’s how our family has it (due to hubby’s allergies, his low threshold for anything spicy & a dislike of corriander) but if you want to kick it up a notch & make it a bit more gourmet you can follow the steps above & then just add a whisked egg in the final minute of cooking, being sure to stir constantly to avoid it scrambling. You could also add a splash or two of soy sauce & then garnish with some chilli & corriander leaves. Yum!! Enjoy.


Do you have a favorite flavor soup? Do you think soup can be a main meal or is it not filling enough for you?  If you give this recipe a try let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

                             Lozzie x

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