Fan Girl Friday #2

Hello Bright Ones, 

Well another weekend is upon us, what have you all got planned? Are you busy, busy & starting to get ready for the Christmas rush or are you enjoying a relaxing weekend at home? 

After being out all of last weekend, I had a fairly low key week which was nice because it’s been so cold & wet here. Spent a day catching up with family & having lunch out at a local pub & then the rest of the week was just hanging out colouring & playing at home with the boys & a little bit of housework thrown in. I’m looking forward to doing more of the same this weekend.

Anyway first up for this installment of Fan Girl Friday I’m highlighting a colourful character I stumbled upon quite a long time ago over on Instagram. 

1) MarkPitt3101


He plays along in a lot of photo challenges so I’m sure it was through one of them that I found his eclectic account. He is a dad of two & he’s that awesome, he let’s his daughter paint his toenails & they all enjoy coloured pancakes for breakfast on occasion. 

He takes great photos of his work on the railway (in black & white of course) because as per his hashtag #workstufflooksbetterinblackandwhite

I love seeing his drawings/doodles for those challenges he partakes in. He’s quite a talented artist & so many of his images have me going “wow” but my favorite is keeping up with his cute little creation “Simon the Goat” & you can follow his story & adventures under the hashtag #theadventuresofsimonthegoat


You should definately go & check out Mark’s gallery here as there’s really something for everyone. 

2) #Iamnotabigdeal & #instagramunedited {hashtags}


These hashtags are pretty new to Instagram but I just love the idea & message behind them. 

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up looking at all the perfectly styled photos & the picture perfect lives portrayed over there & feeling a bit flat or down because your own life doesn’t seem as exciting or colourful, and your house doesnt look like it belongs in a magazine spread.

But remember most people only focus on the good & beautiful or as I like to say, their more “polished moments” Instagram is an escape & creative outlet for many so their pictures & captions will reflect that. But behind each square snapshot there is a real person, with real life struggles happening off camera just like you. 

These hashtags are trying to bring that side to light, to say hey, I’m not perfect & neither is my life, here’s what you don’t see from my posts & it’s really worth checking them out & having a read of everyone’s captions to see there’s so much more going on behind the scenes of what we see & that we’re all just doing the best we can. 


                        Lozzie x 

Do you sometimes feel less than or envious of what you see on social media? Do you have your own hashtag series that I should check out? Are you following MessyRainbows over on Instagram? If not you totally should be & you can do that here or find me over on Facebook here 


5 thoughts on “Fan Girl Friday #2

  1. Oh I love finding new accounts to follow on Instagram. Mark’s account looks ace and I love the idea of Instagram unedited, I love an account that keeps it real. Mostly, I follow dogs on Instagram the’re pawesome! (PS I made the exception to the dog rule though, because of course, I follow you too!)


    1. Yes his account is such a fun mix of photos & doodles & all the crazy that he has going on in his brain 🙂 & thanks sooo much for making an exception for me, although I’m a pretty sweet, funny & cool chick most of the time, I can also be a little b*tch too, so it’s not that much of a stretch to your rule 😉😜 ha ha x


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