“Peanuts”- Cute Crap my Kids Say



My eldest son Peanut comes out with some of the cutest & funniest sayings & words ever (as do most kids) but as my memory isn’t as good as I’d like it be, I know I won’t remember all these little moments in years to come (heck I forget them 10 mins later if I don’t write them down) so I’m keeping a record here of some of the things the boys say that make me laugh, so that I can look back on them & share with them when they’re older some of these little nuggets & the words they mispronounced.

So here are some of the latest “Peanuts” from the mouth of Mr 4.

Lello – Yellow

Effalant- Elephant

Camamel- Caramel

Krizzbee- Frisbee

I hurt my thumb toe – big toe

When I’m a big daddy…

When I grow up & get my real webs (the kid really thinks he’s spiderman)

Upon telling him to eat his veggies & meat so he grows up big & strong “well I don’t want to grow up mummy because I’m having too much fun as a kid”

When calling him sweetheart or by his actual name “I’m not sweetheart, I’m Spiderman”

Reading a book about animals & I asked him what do you call a baby duck? “Ummmm, a waddler”

“Last night was like sleeping in a clam shell” he exclaimed when he came out to the lounge room one morning

After little brother destroyed the  train tracks he’d been making & I told him it was ok, he could rebuild it “I don’t want to build one more train track in my life!”

“Mummy, you’re annoying me”. OR “Mummy you’re frustrating me.”  Whenever I ask him to do anything like pack away his toys, eat his dinner, get dressed, get ready for bed etc etc

On growing his hair long “I want it to be like Keith Urban” & when I said we really need to give you a haircut “no, I like my big hair”

Calling his brother “little mate” when he talks to him

                         LOZZIE X 

What are some of the funniest things your kids have said? Have you got the memory of an elephant or a goldfish? Did your parents keep a record of all the cute crap you said or did?  I wanna know it all, so leave me a comment or come join the discussion on Instagram & Facebook 


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