Note to Self

Sometimes when the people in your life who should be telling you these things aren’t, it’s ok to tell yourself. Because sometimes it’s nice to be reminded AND because it’s TRUE! 



YOU ARE. WE ALL ARE. Sure we all have our flaws but that doesn’t make us any less special or any less beautiful. Everyone has their own unique beauty, just like a snowflake & we should embrace it.

Of course we all have our “bad hair days” & I know I often wish I was a few kilos lighter (but I can’t seem to give up chocolate or donuts long enough to make this happen!) but we need to learn to love the skin we’re in, because it’s all we’ve got. 

Besides, beauty is so much more than what’s on the outside too. You may have a fabulous smile & flawless skin but even if you have a few extra pimples & a crooked grin, as the quote by Roald Dahl says

& that’s true, if you are a kind & thoughtful person, you’ll radiate that beauty from within & shine.


YOU MATTER. Your wants, your needs are no less important than anyone else’s. Of course there are times when you will need to put other peoples before your own (you do that daily if you’re a mum) but this doesn’t mean you aren’t just as important or that you value yourself any less. 

I know as a mum we often put ourselves & our needs last, while we look after the family- the kids, our partner, the house, our friends etc, but it’s OK to take a step back once in a while & take the time to do something for ourselves. Something just for us. Go get that pedicure, go for a run or to that dance class. YOUR time, health, dreams, goals & sanity are just as important as everyone else’s & it’s ok to treat yourself like it is. 

What you think, what you say, what you do, IS important. Everyone deserves to be heard, to have a voice & to be true to themselves. You are worthy of respect & you are IMPORTANT. 

Remember this old nugget of wisdom too when you’re feeling like you are insignificant or don’t matter 



Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we’re juggling A LOT of balls in the air, trying so hard to be everything to everyone – a good friend, daughter, sister, mother, colleague & partner, yet still feel like we’re not giving enough or doing the best we can in these roles. 

I definitely feel guilty sometimes for not measuring up as I’d like to in many areas of my life. My boys watch waaay to much tv (so I can get stuff done) I spend waaay too much time on my phone (when I’m suppose to be getting said stuff done) I don’t call or check in with friends & family as often as I should & there are days I find it hard just to get out of my pjs & showered (let alone getting outside to go walking) But sometimes we just have to accept that we can’t do it all & that’s OK. 

   Somedays you just have to do whatever you can to make it through & take care of you. As they say you need to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help anyone else, so be kind & gentle on yourself. Look after you, even if that means saying NO on occasion to friends or the kids so that you can do what you need to. 

There are times we just have to acknowledge that we’re doing the best we can, with what we have, where we are. And thats good enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Do you hear or tell yourself these things as often as you should?  What other positive messages would you add to YOUR Note to Self? Do you know someone who can benefit from hearing these things right now? Tell them, or better yet, share this post & share the love. 

                               LOZZIE X

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9 thoughts on “Note to Self

  1. Love this! I remember I was talking to a lady at work who was trying to choose between taking a promotion or staying in her current role. One person wanted her to do one thing, another was telling her to so something else, and she was afraid of upsetting both. She is a very giving lady who always puts others first. I told her that when it came to her career all that mattered was what she wanted to do, and that it was ok to put herself first. She told me that no one had ever told her anything like that before. She took the promotion, and was great in her new role. Everyone needs that reminder on occasion to take care of themselves. 🙂


    1. What a great story & yes great advice. You can spend all this time doing things to make everyone else happy but if in the end it doesn’t make you happy then what’s the point? I think ultimately we’re better friends, parents, partners & employees when we are glad your friend dud what was right for her & is succeeding in her new role 🙂

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