Flavor of the Month {Christmas}

It’s coming up to one of my favorite times of the year, so I thought why not dedicate this month to all things Christmas

Sure Christmas time can be stressful & busy (I use to work in retail & hubby still does so, I KNOW) then there’s lots of running around trying to see all the family, which in this day & age can mean up to 4 or five sides to keep happy & that can be full on! There’s the expense of it all & every year I say I’m going to be organised & stick to a budget (but I LOVE to shop & so that NEVER happens) & it can also be a hard time of year for those celebrating without their loved ones, for any number of reasons. 

But, it’s Christmas. Its magical & special & for the most part people are generally happy & kind to one another (you know, goodwill towards men & all that

If you have young kids it’s extra special because you get to re-live  your childhood Christmas joy through them. Kids are wide eyed & innocent & still believe in the magic of it all & aren’t concerned or aware  of any of that other stuff I just mentioned above. To them Christmas means fun, family time, kindness, presents, Santa & yummy food. And that’s exactly what it should be about. 

So to get us all in the festive mood & help us celebrate some of the joys & traditions of Christmas, I’ve put together some of my favourite Christmas finds for this flavor of the month installment.


1. Santa Key- if you live in an apartment or house without a chimney & you have kids who worry or wonder how Santa will get in to deliver the presents, then this beautiful key available from Finnlee & Me is a sweet little fix to that problem. 

2. Santa Sack- we always had Stockings growing up & I’ve continued that tradition for my own family, but I always loved the idea of finding a big bag of presents left at the end of the bed. If I was to change to this method, then this beautiful Santa sack available from Limetree Kids is what I’d pick. 

3. Elf on the Shelf -some think it’s cute, some think it’s creepy, but I’m on team FUN & am so excited to be starting this tradition for my boys this year & hope they get a lot of joy out of finding our elf & the antics she gets up to every morning. If it also helps curb a few behavioral issues for the month, knowing Santas watching, then that’s not a bad thing either 😉 I found the Book Depository to be the cheapest place to buy them & they ship worldwide for free too. 

4. Felt Ball Wreath – I’m loving all things “feltballs” at the moment & am lusting after so many of Nats amazing creations over at Little Puddles, but for this Christmas theme flavor of the month I couldn’t go past this traditional coloured Christmas wreath. How AMAZEBALLS would this look on your wall. 

5. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Decorations- Our family has a tradition of giving an ornament to one another each year. It’s so nice when decorating the tree to hang up those special decorations from years past & think of the person that gave it to us. I love our eclectic mix of meaningful decorations & would love to add one of these sweet little trees from Song of the Seam to our collection. 

                          Lozzie x

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have any Christmas family traditions? Are you a stocking or Santa sack family?

I’d love to hear all about it, so leave me a comment here or come say hi on Instagram or Facebook

*this is not as sponsored post nor any affiliate links. These are just items I’ve seen during the month that I love & think you might too.


4 thoughts on “Flavor of the Month {Christmas}

  1. Lovely Lor. I am so pleased we have our ornament giving tradition and that it is something you girls remember fondly. Yes, Christmas time is even more special with little ones and I just love watching my grown-up girls and my grandbabies enjoying the festivities. HO HO HO! Let’s also remember the reason for the season. xxx

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