Flavor of the Month {Diaries}

Wow 2015 is almost over & what a year it’s been! Every year seems to go by in the blink of an eye these days & this one was no exception. 

Granted I spent most of it in a sleep deprived haze & hardly knew what day of the week it was most of the time, the days & weeks blurred into one but there were some big things that took place for me & my family during the year that will stand out in my mind as I look back on 2015. 

We bought a house!!!! In January this year we FINALLY found one that both hubby & I agreed on, that suited our families needs & budget & in March (on my birthday no less) we picked up the keys to OUR home. 

We celebrated our sons birthdays, 4 yrs- a superhero themed party shared with his cousin at our new local community centre. 2yrs- a low key family day with cake & champagne in memory of our special baby boy & then the annual picnic in his honor with the extended family. A rainbow themed 1st birthday party at our place for our Rainbow Baby.

I launched this little blog. After ummming & aahhing about it for ages I finally bit the bullet & jumped on in & published my first post in September. Finding the time to dedicate to it is hard at the moment but I’m enjoying the creative outlet. 

I lost a body part & said goodbye to my gallbladder with an unexpected operation. 

As I reflect back on the year that was I’m also starting to plan for the year to come & wondering what 2016 has in store for us.

What better way to prepare & organise for the new year than to get a new diary & start to fill in all the important dates, appointments & fun events planned. 

So for the final flavor of the month this year I’ve picked a handful of diaries/planners that I love the look of for 2016.


1. Believe in yourself diary– A simple but sophisticated diary, with inspiring quotes throughout. Perfect for the monochrome lover & those who want a little reminder & encouragement to follow their dreams. Black & white throughout with a fabric cover this diary is no fuss or would be perfect for personalizing with washi & embellishments if you like that kind of thing. If you like The Collective Magazine, you’ll like their diary.

2. The Big Family diary by Mums Office– this one is great for keeping track of everyone in the family. With a week view to a double page spread & grid format that accommodates up to 5 family members it’s the perfect companion for mums to keep track of everyone’s activities. It comes in a range of different coloured covers to suit all tastes. This is a large diary, perfect for the desk or an oversized tote or handbag. Don’t have a family of 5? No worries they make smaller versions too or just utalise the extra columns for things like meal plans, exercise, to do lists etc. Mums Office is a UK based company but they deliver worldwide. 

3. Frankie diary-if you love the magazine, then you’ll love this diary by the same folk. From the cheery yellow cloth cover, to the beautifully illustrated artwork throughout, each page is guaranteed to make you smile all year long.

4. On to it Rose Gold Polkadot diary – I’m loving all things rose gold at the moment & this diary is just lovely. Behind the stylish hardcover you’ll find everything you need to stay super organised: sections for meal planning & exercise, to do lists, a separate contacts booklet, refillable post it notes section & pen loop with pen included.

5. Sweet diary– you can’t go wrong with Kikki K, their products are all great quality & with a style & design to suit everyone you’re spoilt for choice, but this year I’m loving the sweet diary with its cute little images throughout, sticker sheets and space for your contacts. It’s a great compact diary perfect for the handbag. 

                      LOZZIE X 

What’s been the highlight of your 2015? Will you be using a paper planner or diary next year or do you prefer electronic calendars & digital reminders? Do you have a favorite diary from the list above or another?

Tell me everything in the comments here, on Instagram or over on my Facebook page. 


6 thoughts on “Flavor of the Month {Diaries}

  1. I’m so pleased you started your blog, what a happy place you’ve created! Yay you! 2015 was a cracker but there’s something really exciting about a new year – all fresh and shiny and full of promise! I’ve been trying to get to grips with a digital calendar this year, but it’s just not cutting it! I’m so forgetful, I like a paper diary too (the little cute one from Kikki K is my go-to every year) AND a paper calendar because I need to write things down at least three ways to have half a chance of remembering! LOL! Here’s to happy holiyays and an absolutely fabulous 2016!


    1. Thank you Sam. I’m finding it a struggle to spend & devote as much time as id like to at the moment, but hopefully next year I can be more organised & focused. Mr 4 starts preschool two days a week so maybe if I’m not catching up on sleep, or doing stuff around the house I can work on it a bit more then. I have a wall calendar too & use that more than my diary as its right there in my face everyday so it’s great for helping jog the old memory 🙂
      Wishing you & David a very Merry & Bright Christmas & New Years too. x


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