Fan Girl Friday #5

Hello Bright Ones,

Wow only 1 more week til Christmas… I’m excited, although we already celebrated with one side of our family last weekend, complete with a visit from Santa to deliver presents to the kids. I love my big, crazy, “married” into family- complete with 5 brothers & sisters in law & 11 nieces & nephews. Hubbys mum & dad sure did create something special. It’s always chaotic when we all get together, but lots of fun! 

This week I’m highlighting two of my favorite Instagram accounts, both of which I’ve been following for quite a long time & one of them, is one of the first accounts I ever followed just after I joined Instagram back in 2011 & I’m still loving them as much now, as I did then.

First up we have Simone’s beautiful feed over at Honeyandfizz


I have serious house envy. Her home is just beautiful, it’s like it’s straight out of a magazine (& it has been featured in a few too 🙂 I just love all the clean lines, the white with pops of colour, her styling, EVERYTHING!  I know I will never have a home like this (for a start I have too much clutter & am too messy) so I get my fix from her feed, along with photos of her 3 boys, her awesome pinterest inspired snacks,(I pin them too, but she ACTUALLY MAKES them) light box love & a linen collection soo amazing, they both have their own hashtags! 🙂




I love the simplicity, cleanliness & calmness of her photo’s & that’s what keeps me coming back for more. She also blogs & sells wall banners & prints on the side too. If you’re not already following her do yourself a favor & start, besides 24k followers can’t be wrong 😉 


Next up is the lovely Averil & her bright, happy, colourful feed at Sunshineinateacup


She’s a mummy to 4 beautiful kids, a runner & a writer, a lover of yellow & tea. She lives in what can only be described as a magical paradise. I love reading her captions as much as I adore her stunning pictures. She captures magic moments, with light & colours beautifully & anytime a photo of hers pops up on my feed I just feel happy…..


I mean just look at these perfect pics, what’s not to love? Life up in the tropics looks pretty sweet to me & her family have so much fun, you can’t help but want to be a part of it. I even asked her if she’d adopt me once 😉 

                         LOZZIE X

Do you have any Instagram feed crushes? Do you love lots of colour or prefer a crisp & clean palette for your home? 

Leave a comment here or come say hi over on Facebook or Instagram 


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