Taking Stock- December 2015


It’s crazy to think it’s already been 3 months since I did my first “taking stock” post as inspired by Pip at Meetmeatmikes & even more unbelievable that yet another year is drawing to a close. 2015, where did you go? 

This is what’s been happening in my little world of late: 

Making : chia seed pudding. It’s like porridge for the summer, but there’s no cooking required so I love it

Cooking : Christmas treats. Choc chip cookies are a favorite family tradition & I’m also making mint truffles

Drinking : lots of tea, always tea (I don’t do coffee) & I’m trying to drink more water but I struggle to get the daily quota 

Reading: besides bedtime stories do Facebook status updates & Instagram captions count? 

Wanting: health & happiness for all my friends & family in 2016. It might be cliche but it’s true.

Looking: At Christmas lights around the neighborhood. Magical. ✨

Playing: trains & cars with the boys 

Deciding: whether to go away for a short family holiday or not. Hubby just needs to be able to get time off work 

Wishing: hubby didn’t work every other weekend

Enjoying: the warmer weather & longer days which mean alfresco dining & late afternoon trips to the beach  


Waiting: for online packages to be delivered

Liking: all the Christmas decorations around our home & at the shops, they sit in boxes for 11 months of the year so I’m enjoying them while I can.

Wondering: what 2016 has in store for our little family

Loving: All things unicorns at the moment like these cute Unicorno figures 


Pondering: whether to buy some jamberry nail wraps. There are sooo many amazing designs, I could see it becoming quite addictive.

Considering: going back to work Fulltime & hubby to stay home? I’m pretty sure I’m not ready to do that quite yet, but we’re throwing ideas around

Buying: too much. Using Christmas as an excuse to splurge & shop while I can! 🛍

Watching: finally catching up on season 2 of Nashville

Hoping: that Pumpkin will eventfully learn to sleep through the night, going on nearly 15 months of broken sleep 💤

Marvelling: at the colours of the sunset, I love sky watching (it never gets old)

Cringing: At the rudeness & nastiness of some people. 

Needing: More sleep. Always Sleep.

Questioning: who I am besides “mummy” & what I want out of life (yes deep I know)

Smelling: the cucumber & basil candle I bought at our local markets recently. It’s sooo refreshing & yum!

Wearing: Maxi dresses. My summer uniform 🙂

Following: The Notorious Mum. I’m a total fan & just love her honest & humorous parenting stories.

Noticing: All the work & little jobs that need doing around the house

Knowing: I need to make changes & better choices to live a healthier, happier life. The key is putting it into action.

Thinking: how awesome it is to be able to go & pick fresh berries from our backyard 


Admiring: creative types. I’m in awe of some peoples talent. 

Sorting: out the boys rooms, or at least trying too. Making room for all the new toys & clothes they’ll get this Christmas 

Getting: organised. New diary & calendar ready to go & filling up fast.

Bookmarking: Far too many sweet treats thanks to Sam over at The Annoyed Thyroid. Did someone say fudge? 

Coveting: the rose gold iPhone 6

Disliking: the long hours hubby works this time of year, especially as he doesn’t get paid overtime for it 

Opening: early Christmas presents from friends & strangers after participating in my 3rd year of the fatmumslim gift exchange. I’ve been totally spolit already!

Giggling: At my boys, their daily antics & cute crap they say

Feeling: festive but tired

Snacking: on cherries, cookies, Christmas treats & popcorn

Helping: to make the world a better a place by buying some charity gifts from oxfam

Hearing: Christmas carols. I love this time of year & love singing along, it makes me feel merry. 

                    LOZZIE X

Do you Take Stock? Let me know in the comments so I can come & have a read of your list or pick three words above & share what’s happening in your world, I’d love to learn more about you.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Stock- December 2015

  1. Thanks for the shout out! How lucky are you to have those beautiful berries in your garden, and talking of berries, of course you should treat yourself to some Jam-berries! You know you’re worth it! Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a totes awesome 2016! x


    1. I know, when we moved in we had quite an established little veggie patch which was awesome & I didn’t even remember seeing it when we looked to buy the house. I had four jams in & out of my cart all day yesterday as I was sooo tempted to get some, kept changing my mind of which ones to get & then trying to reason with myself spending the money as being a stay at home mum atm with no income it’s hard to justify spending on myself, even though I’m TOTALLY worth it 😉 I decided to put it off for now & maybe ask for a voucher or wraps for my birthday in March. You’re welcome for the shoutout, im forever bookmarking all your tasty recipes! Wishing you a great 2016 filled with lots of your favorite things x


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