Fan Girl Friday #8

Hello Bright Ones, 

Can you believe we are almost at the end of January already? Hope your year has been off to a cracking start so far. 

Things are about to change around here with my eldest heading off to preschool next week & so I’ve been busy preparing for that, making lots of food for the lunch box & shopping for all the essentials. 

I’m still not sure if I’m emotionally ready to let my baby go, but I know he is more than ready & I’m sure this will be a good thing for both of us. 

This week, I’m fan girl crushing on two ah-mazing Instagram accounts. 

Both share a love of macro & nature pics & their galleries are so pretty to look at. So without further ado let me introduce you to these very talented ladies.

First up we have the lovely Kimmy_1_


She loves a flower photo & takes some absolute beauties. The up close pics where she catches water droplets & sometimes the odd bee or lady bird are stunning. She has a love of red & white polka dots & animals & her Insta feed reflects that.

Next is the ever inspiring Riki_


Riki is the queen of minimalistic photos & her #stagedphotoonawhitebackground pics are always so beautiful. Simple, yet clever for the daily prompt from the photo challenges she plays along with. 

Her macro shots of natures miracles are beyond awesome & everyday she continues to blow me away with what she manages to capture. 

I suggest if you’re on Instagram & not already following these two, you should rectify that situation right now 🙂 

                                  LOZZIE X 

Are you fan girl crushing on anyone at the moment? Give them a shout out here so I can go & check them out & you never know,  you just might see them appear in an up & coming Fan Girl Friday post. 

As always feel free to come say hi over on my Facebook or Instagram pages too. I love hearing from you. 


Flavor of the Month {Donuts}

I have a terrible sweet tooth & love me a good donut. A freshly made hot cinnamon one is my fav, but I also can’t go past an iced one with sprinkles, cause… SPRINKLES! I’ve never liked jam filled ones though, which is weird because I like donuts & I like jam, just not together… 

However my love of donuts has also spilled over into the decorating, accessorizing world too.So here are just a handful of some of the sweetest ones I’ve come across lately. 

1.Donut cushion by Struckla & Peach 

2.Donut bib from Ollie & Coco

3.Donut phone cover case by Zonkt Designs 

4.Donut play set by Little Fox Crochet

5.Donut garland by Little Puddles 

Donut you just love them all! So adorable!

Again this is not a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links- just products that have caught my eye or that I’m lusting after.

                             LOZZIE X

What’s your favorite type of donut to eat? Which is your pick from the ones above? Have another donut product I should know about?

Tell me, tell me…. Here, over on Insta or Facebook I’d love to hear from you 

Fan Girl Friday #7

How’s the weather where you are? Here on the coast it’s been crazy! Last week we had cold, wet & rainy days, that made me believe we were back in winter & this week we’ve been having a heat wave with temps 34+ followed by afternoon storms! Today it’s much cooler again & raining, as I said cray, cray! That’s the Aussie summer for you though. 

So in this fortnights installment of Fan Girl Friday I’m highlighting two Instagram accounts

First up is Melia_Kay


She a mum of two boys with another bub on the way. Her Instagram account is a realistic representation of motherhood & life with two rambunctious, cheeky little boys. 

I love her honesty & often find myself laughing, nodding along in agreement or feeling her pain with her captions & stories of her little ones antics. 

From pics of their tantrums, fighting, finding themselves in precarious positions, to the down right adorable moments where butter wouldn’t melt, I love them all & its’s sooo nice knowing I’m not alone with the daily struggles I face with my own two little monkeys.

Besides spending her days chasing & wrangling these two, she somehow finds the time to sew up some of the cutest little creations too. Seriously they’re  adorable outfits, she’s one talented lady. 


Hats off to you mumma, I don’t know how you do it. Whilst I’m so excited to meet the newest addition to your family, I can’t help but think in just a few short weeks you are going to have your hands VERY full! 

Next up is the lovely Jess.andCo

Her account is visually stunning & like walking through a virtual flower garden.  I’m a sucker for a good flower photo & this account is like my crack, it’s just sooo good. 


Jess has just recently launched her own line of postcards & notecards featuring some of her most beautiful images too. If you want to get your hands on some just follow the link on her Instagram profile but stop to admire the beauty that is her feed while you’re there first. 

                                LOZZIE X 

Have you been having crazy weather where you are? Are you a sucker for a flower photo? Do you have cheeky kids & funny stories to share? 

I want to know it all, so share your thoughts here on the blog or over on Instagram or Facebook 

One Little Word {2016}


I know I’m a little late to the party on this one but to be honest I’ve been struggling to get into the groove & find the time to blog so far this year. Yes I know we’re only just over a week into it, but I already feel like I’ve lost that spark & motivation that usually comes with the start of a new year & I’ve chosen sleep or shock horror- housework (who am I??) over spending the time to sit & write.

I’ve made New Years resolutions in the past, usually along the lines of eat better, exercise more, lose weight, get fit & healthy, etc,etc but a few weeks or months in & I’m back to the same old habits & routines,thus failing my resolutions, give up & then vow the same ones again the following year. 

So this year I’m not making any & in regards to health & fitness I figure it shouldn’t be something that is just a focus for a little while anyway, it should be part of my daily lifestyle, to make better food choices & move more in general, but that is a whole other blog post of its own for another time. 

So, no resolutions this year. I’ve set myself a few personal challenges or goals, all of which seem to be photography related, like finally completing a full year of  Fatmumslims photo a day, but I liked the idea of #onelittleword to focus on for 2016. However I struggled with writing this post due to actually having to pick “A” word, (it’s the indecisive Pisces in me). Health, organized & positive were among some of the top contenders, but the one word that kept coming to mind & standing out for me was CALM. After feeling stressed out, exhausted & like I’d spent most of last year yelling (because I did) I thought YES, this year I’m going to do things differently. I am going to be CALM.

I want to have a calm mind, I’m anxious a lot & a bit neurotic at times, especially with my boys so I really want to work on that. I want to surround myself with calming influences-in my home, the places I go & the people I spend time with. For me this means being more organized & having less clutter around. Taking time out for myself every day, to sit & relax & breathe, even if it’s just 5 minutes to enjoy a cuppa or watch the sunset. To be more in the moment & not in my head so much. To spend more time outdoors, in nature & by the water. But above all, to be a better parent & partner, one that doesn’t yell as often, lose my temper or blow a fuse so quickly at the boys. 

However within the first two days of the new year I’d already stuffed up & yelled & screamed & cried & lost my patience on more than one occasion, with my boys, my hubby & my mum. So well… shit! What now? I’ve already blown it, I guess I should just change my word because obviously this isn’t going to work & I’ve  failed. 

What hope do I have implementing this for a whole year if I can’t even do it for a few days! But that’s when I realized that’s EXACTLY WHY I should have it as my one little word. It not something that has to happen in the first week, or even the 1st month, it’s something I will focus & work on over the whole year. That word is my reminder to change my reactions, to try & make better choices when I’m flailing in the midst of overwhelm, anxiety & stress. Be CALM.

Of course I’m not perfect & I’m not going to be all zen & hippy like all year long, I’m only human AND I’m a mum… so I will lose my cool from time to time, it’s inevitable. However, when that does happen I need to remember my one little word & try to get back to a calm state as quickly as possible, & hopefully learn from those times I’m not so calm & try & put it in practice the next time my first reaction is to raise my voice or get myself all worked up. 

I think I’ve definitely set myself a tough challenge with this one this year but I’m hopeful that by the start of 2017 I’ll have seen a change in myself & in turn, those around me. 

                                 LOZZIE X 

Do you set yourself challenges/goals or make New Years resolutions? Have you got one word to focus on for the year ahead? If you do any of  these things I’d love to hear about them & how they’re going so far? Leave a comment here on the blog, or come chat with me on Facebook or Instagram 

Fan Girl Friday #6

Hello & Happy New Year! 

2016! Wow. How did you see it in? Have you made any resolutions? Do you have a word to focus on for the year?

Being the party animal that I am these days, I was in bed long before midnight, but managed to catch the 9pm fireworks on tv before turning in. However thanks to a certain little person I had many wake up calls through the night too so I saw in the very early hours of the new year.

Hubby worked all day New Year’s Eve & was suppose to be back at work again early this morning (ahhh the joys of working in retail) so we were never going to be doing anything big to celebrate this new year’s anyway, besides the fact we have 2 little ones. However at the last minute they decided to cut some hours to save money, which means he’s actually home today (yay!) so hopefully we’ll get out to do something fun together and kick start the year off right.

For my 1st fan girl Friday post this year I’m highlighting a favorite blog & #hashtag.

1st up is the lovely Babs & her fun & creative online space over at Patchwork Cactus


In the interest of full disclosure I should mention she’s my sister in law (I know, I’m lucky right) but even if she wasn’t family, I’d follow her blog anyway because she’s super cool, takes beautiful pics of her little ones, has awesome free printables, radiates happiness & fun & does some awesome tutorials that anyone, (including the non crafty/creative types like me) can totally do. 

Her Montessori parenting style is inspiring & she often gives great examples of what you can do at home with your little ones to help encourage their independence. She also has some fab DIY projects & simple, yummy recipes, some of which I’ve been lucky enough to taste first hand. 

She also writes articles for some well known parenting sites, she’s working on an e-book all about spreading happiness & she’s just an all round awesome chick. TRUE!

Some of my favorite posts of hers are : 

 Spread yourself thick

Encouraging toddler independence at home 

20 Baking tips (from a blogger) 

Tea & coconut oil sugar scrub 

I also love her “taking stock” & “around here” posts that give you glimpses into her life & mind. 
You should definitely go & take a look around her blog as there is something for everyone & I guarantee you’ll leave inspired & happy.

 Whilst you’re there be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday too as today is her special day. Yes, she is a New Years baby! 

Next up is one of my all time favorite #hashtags on Instagram. 

#FMSPHOTOADAY created by the lovely Chantelle from Fatmumslim blog.

I’ve been playing along with the idea of “a photo a day” since 2009, when I recieved a new camera for Christmas & set myself the challenge of trying to take a snap with it everyday. My pictures were random & of whatever I came across in my day. This was before I discovered Instagram & Chantelle’s photo challenge that gives you a prompt for each day. 

In the seven years (7 years!) I’ve been doing this though, not ONCE have I managed to complete the full year. 

So, this year I’m setting myself the challenge to complete all 365 days. (Well 366 actually as its a leap year. I do hope this doesn’t mean I’ve already set myself up for failure 😉

I love having a prompt to work with as it really makes you stop & think & take in the little things around you each day. I also love the Instagram community & fellow #fmsphotoaday players. Seeing other peoples take on the prompt & their creative photos, inspires me & makes me want to work on my own photography skills & develop my own signature style. 

Here’s this months list & you can find all the details you need to know to play along here.


So come & join me for the month of January, the whole year (if you’re up for the challenge) or just play whenever inspiration strikes. 

You can follow me & my 2016 #fmsphotoaday pics over here on Instagram & I’ll also aim to put up a monthly recap over on my Facebook page too. 

If you play along be sure to comment here so I can follow your year in pictures too.

                        LOZZIE X