One Little Word {2016}


I know I’m a little late to the party on this one but to be honest I’ve been struggling to get into the groove & find the time to blog so far this year. Yes I know we’re only just over a week into it, but I already feel like I’ve lost that spark & motivation that usually comes with the start of a new year & I’ve chosen sleep or shock horror- housework (who am I??) over spending the time to sit & write.

I’ve made New Years resolutions in the past, usually along the lines of eat better, exercise more, lose weight, get fit & healthy, etc,etc but a few weeks or months in & I’m back to the same old habits & routines,thus failing my resolutions, give up & then vow the same ones again the following year. 

So this year I’m not making any & in regards to health & fitness I figure it shouldn’t be something that is just a focus for a little while anyway, it should be part of my daily lifestyle, to make better food choices & move more in general, but that is a whole other blog post of its own for another time. 

So, no resolutions this year. I’ve set myself a few personal challenges or goals, all of which seem to be photography related, like finally completing a full year of  Fatmumslims photo a day, but I liked the idea of #onelittleword to focus on for 2016. However I struggled with writing this post due to actually having to pick “A” word, (it’s the indecisive Pisces in me). Health, organized & positive were among some of the top contenders, but the one word that kept coming to mind & standing out for me was CALM. After feeling stressed out, exhausted & like I’d spent most of last year yelling (because I did) I thought YES, this year I’m going to do things differently. I am going to be CALM.

I want to have a calm mind, I’m anxious a lot & a bit neurotic at times, especially with my boys so I really want to work on that. I want to surround myself with calming influences-in my home, the places I go & the people I spend time with. For me this means being more organized & having less clutter around. Taking time out for myself every day, to sit & relax & breathe, even if it’s just 5 minutes to enjoy a cuppa or watch the sunset. To be more in the moment & not in my head so much. To spend more time outdoors, in nature & by the water. But above all, to be a better parent & partner, one that doesn’t yell as often, lose my temper or blow a fuse so quickly at the boys. 

However within the first two days of the new year I’d already stuffed up & yelled & screamed & cried & lost my patience on more than one occasion, with my boys, my hubby & my mum. So well… shit! What now? I’ve already blown it, I guess I should just change my word because obviously this isn’t going to work & I’ve  failed. 

What hope do I have implementing this for a whole year if I can’t even do it for a few days! But that’s when I realized that’s EXACTLY WHY I should have it as my one little word. It not something that has to happen in the first week, or even the 1st month, it’s something I will focus & work on over the whole year. That word is my reminder to change my reactions, to try & make better choices when I’m flailing in the midst of overwhelm, anxiety & stress. Be CALM.

Of course I’m not perfect & I’m not going to be all zen & hippy like all year long, I’m only human AND I’m a mum… so I will lose my cool from time to time, it’s inevitable. However, when that does happen I need to remember my one little word & try to get back to a calm state as quickly as possible, & hopefully learn from those times I’m not so calm & try & put it in practice the next time my first reaction is to raise my voice or get myself all worked up. 

I think I’ve definitely set myself a tough challenge with this one this year but I’m hopeful that by the start of 2017 I’ll have seen a change in myself & in turn, those around me. 

                                 LOZZIE X 

Do you set yourself challenges/goals or make New Years resolutions? Have you got one word to focus on for the year ahead? If you do any of  these things I’d love to hear about them & how they’re going so far? Leave a comment here on the blog, or come chat with me on Facebook or Instagram 


14 thoughts on “One Little Word {2016}

  1. I love the idea of having a word for the year. Love your word. I’ll have to think about it to get my word but ‘new things’ seems to be the current theme. Even though it’s two words – hehe. Wishing you well with your word and 2016.


    1. Thank you Juni. It’s funny how since deciding upon it, how often I see it now, or read an article that talks about “calm”. New things sounds like a great idea to implement into your year, with lots of possibilities & fun to be had because of it.


  2. I don’t remember you losing your cool with me. Maybe I am calm these days. I have faith that you will Succeed because it’s what you want. Wishing you all the best, and as you said… it is your word for the YEAR. Each day is a new beginning which also happened to be my topic at a meeting last night. Love you Sweetie. Day at a time. Like that you are going to take time out for you to have a cuppa or just watch a sunset. Remember, the boys are only little for such a short time, enjoy them, try not to stress. Take a deep breath and count to 10 before reacting. I KNOW… easier said than done.
    Lots of love. Mum xxx


  3. Great article and well done on publishing a new blog post – I’m proud of you!
    It’s interesting (but no coincidence, of course) that you wrote about this and instead of setting New Years resolutions, chose a word as an intention instead, as I started writing a blog post recently about this too.

    ‘Calm’ is a beautiful word that you’ve chosen. Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard of or downloaded the app. ‘CAML’ it might be the perfect time for you to do so to remind yourself of your intention and get 5 minutes of calm each day! Wishing you a peaceful and CALM year ahead!

    Nicole x


  4. I think that’s my favorite one little word I’ve heard yet. Great choice. I should have picked one but I’m an indecisive Libra so couldn’t decide on just one. Instead I’ve gone with the new years resolution to read more books and almost a month in I’m doing pretty well. Xx


  5. Maybe all star signs are indecisive because I’m a cancerian and I couldn’t choose one either! I think you’ve chosen a great word, and now you have a whole year to get your calm on. Remember practice makes perfect! PS Welcome back! I missed you!


    1. Thanks Sam! I missed the rabbit hole too so was happy to see it back again this morning 🙂 my boys definitely test me daily with sticking to my word but because it’s there in my mind I am reacting differently than I use to (most of the time anyway 🙂


  6. Such a fabulous idea to decide upon a word which is your intended attitude for the year. I used to try this on a week by week basis, but to be honest I ran out of words after about 4 weeks haha! These days I need a word that’s the opposite of calm, I need a fire lit under me if I’m ever going to start achieving things I want. All the best with becoming calmer as the year goes on 🙂


    1. Thanks Robyn. Having a word seems more achievable than a resolution do I like it for that reason although I must say 1 month in & im already being tested daily by my boys, however I do think of my word & try to keep my emotions in check when I can, other times I slip & the dragon comes out ! 😉 I guess if you have a list of things you want to achieve them that’s a great start… Maybe your word for the year can be “action” to remind yourself to take steps towards your goals.


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