Fan Girl Friday #7

How’s the weather where you are? Here on the coast it’s been crazy! Last week we had cold, wet & rainy days, that made me believe we were back in winter & this week we’ve been having a heat wave with temps 34+ followed by afternoon storms! Today it’s much cooler again & raining, as I said cray, cray! That’s the Aussie summer for you though. 

So in this fortnights installment of Fan Girl Friday I’m highlighting two Instagram accounts

First up is Melia_Kay


She a mum of two boys with another bub on the way. Her Instagram account is a realistic representation of motherhood & life with two rambunctious, cheeky little boys. 

I love her honesty & often find myself laughing, nodding along in agreement or feeling her pain with her captions & stories of her little ones antics. 

From pics of their tantrums, fighting, finding themselves in precarious positions, to the down right adorable moments where butter wouldn’t melt, I love them all & its’s sooo nice knowing I’m not alone with the daily struggles I face with my own two little monkeys.

Besides spending her days chasing & wrangling these two, she somehow finds the time to sew up some of the cutest little creations too. Seriously they’re  adorable outfits, she’s one talented lady. 


Hats off to you mumma, I don’t know how you do it. Whilst I’m so excited to meet the newest addition to your family, I can’t help but think in just a few short weeks you are going to have your hands VERY full! 

Next up is the lovely Jess.andCo

Her account is visually stunning & like walking through a virtual flower garden.  I’m a sucker for a good flower photo & this account is like my crack, it’s just sooo good. 


Jess has just recently launched her own line of postcards & notecards featuring some of her most beautiful images too. If you want to get your hands on some just follow the link on her Instagram profile but stop to admire the beauty that is her feed while you’re there first. 

                                LOZZIE X 

Have you been having crazy weather where you are? Are you a sucker for a flower photo? Do you have cheeky kids & funny stories to share? 

I want to know it all, so share your thoughts here on the blog or over on Instagram or Facebook 


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