Fan Girl Friday #9

Hello Bright Ones, 

Phew, another week down. Time just flies on by doesn’t it. We’ve had a good but busy week here again. We took a scenic drive on Sunday to explore a bit more of our area & had lunch overlooking a dam. It was so pretty & picturesque out there. 

Monday we had a lovely play date with friends. Took a walk to the local cafe &  enjoyed some yummy treats before we walked through the gardens & fed the ducks.

It’s the second week of getting into the routine of the preschool run here & even though it’s going well, I’m exhausted. Maybe it doesn’t help that I’ve been up most nights with a sick little bub this week too though. 

So I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend. It’s meant to be quite hot here so happy to just lay low.

Now getting onto Fan girl Friday & since its been awhile I’m highlighting two blogs this week. 


First up we have 

The Annoyed Thyroid 

Sam is such a sweetheart & her blog is full of fun, inspiration & waaay too many yummy treats that are dangerous for my waistline! 

As her bio says, she’s “living & loving life after cancer & looking on the bright side” & that, she certainly is. 

She loves running & has participated in many fun runs & half marathons in some awesome places around the globe. My favorite was when she was in Disneyland & even wore a mini mouse skirt as part of her running ensemble & the lucky lady is headed back there later this year to do it again! 

Sam co-hosts a weekly link up “Down the Rabbit Hole” every Saturday along with some other lovely ladies, where they share some awesome link lists & invite you to to do the same or just share a favorite post from the week. It’s a great way to discover some other awesome blogs & interact with the blogging community. I love how she always includes the “national day of…” in her lists too.

A few of my favorite posts of hers include:

101 things in 1001 days 

Choc chip honey cake

Thermomix Fudge 

Taking Stock -Feb 

I could honestly list a bunch more links to all her awesome recipes & words of wisdom posts along with down the rabbit hole links, but it’s best if you just head on over to her blog & check it all out for yourself. 

Next we have Toilets aren’t for Turtles

My brother in law actually got me onto this blog & I’m glad he did cause I love it. 

Tackling parenthood with honesty & humor, as it should be. I love Rachel’s posts & will often laugh out loud whilst reading them & also think to myself oh my gosh this is sooo true! 

She’s a mumma of two & shares the highs & lows of parenting & all it entails with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

A few favs include:

First child vs Second child– funny cause it’s true! 

Some days I just suck at parenting – this could be me on any given day! 

10 reasons living with toddlers is like being at the zoo

10 signs you’re a Fitbit freak – as I’ve just recently pulled mine out again I found this hilarious 

If you liked those, there’s sooo much more where that came from so pop on over to her blog & read more hilarious posts like an episode of Ben & Holly Reimagined or that time she bumped into Commando in a children’s change room. 

                                        Lozzie x 

How’s your week been? What are your plans for the weekend? Who are you fan girl crushing on right now?

Tell me everything by leaving a comment here, here or here. I love hearing from you 


7 thoughts on “Fan Girl Friday #9

  1. Oh gee, you are so lovely. I think my head just got a lot bigger after reading all your kind words! I’m totes chuffed! Here’s a virtual high five just for you – I’m loving seeing your blog grow and grow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you Sam. I meant every single word I said! It’s a slow going process & I don’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to my little blog, but I guess life is crazy with two littles at the moment & I have to make them my priority, that or I need better time management skills 🙂


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