Fan Girl Friday #10

Hello Bright Ones, 

Can you believe another fortnight has rolled around already… & it’s almost March! 

I love March because it’s my birthday month but also because it’s Autumn & that’s my favorite season. 

Haven’t had a lot happening this week. We did the usual preschool run twice & I went to my dads earlier in the week to visit my step sister who is out visiting from Canada again for a few weeks. I’ve got some friends coming round for lunch tomorrow but apart from that it’s all been pretty ho hum, housework & wrangling the boys most days. I don’t mind the quieter weeks though. 

Right-o, so this week I’m highlighting two Instagram accounts that are just the bomb! 

1) Kellysnapshappy

Kelly’s feed is just so beautiful to look at & her photos are magic. 

However it’s her two hashtags that I really love & just had to share them with you 


  A lovely collection of words & images made using flowers that are both clever & lovely. 

& #conesbykelly

A selection of candy, flowers, food or anything else you can think of tumbling out of ice cream cones & it just works! 


I love her creativity & the execution of her ideas. Each one is so unique & beautiful. 

I promise her feed is worth a follow, so go & check it out. 

Secondly we have another aesthetically pleasing account by yet another creative soul,


Her gallery is so pretty.  It is so calming & stunning. Her photos are amazing, as is her talent but it’s the captions she uses for each snap that just completes it. 


Trying to choose just a few images to convey & capture the beauty that is her feed is almost impossible as I love them all. But if you like what you see here, click on the above link to her page & you’ll find much more to love & lose yourself in her pastel dreamland. 
                                    Lozzie x 

What is it that draws you to follow an Instagram account? Do you like to get creative with your photos & props? Who are you fan girl crushing on right now? 

I love hearing your thoughts & comments so please share them here or over on Facebook or Instagram 


12 thoughts on “Fan Girl Friday #10

  1. I love Instagram, it’s my favourite social media by far and I could spend all day on there if I was left to my own devices (excuse the pun!) These accounts look full of pretty, consider them followed! Thanks for the tips!


  2. I’m a sucker for colour – those images are all so beautiful! I’m a big fan of the accounts of @ohcreativeday, @patchworkcactus and @pinchmebeautiful – such happy photos and splashes of colour, stunning beach shots and cute kids. Plus the photos always look casual and effortless – never try-hard. There’s some very clever IGers out there. Such a dangerous rabbit hole to fall into 🙂


    1. Yes I love colour too! Those accounts are fab, I follow all of them also 🙂 I even featured patchworkcactus blog in a Fan Girl Friday post earlier this year. I do loose too much time over on Instagram it’s quite addictive


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