Hi & welcome to Messy Rainbows, a blog where life is celebrated in all it’s beautiful, colourful & messy glory. If you love having a laugh or chatting with friends over a cuppa (or something a little stronger) about all of life’s weird & wonderful moments, then pull up a seat & join me.

I’m Lorien, but I’m sure we’ll become friends so you can call me Lozzie.
I love rainbows & sunsets (I’m sure I’d love sunrises too but I’m not up early enough) Fresh flowers, snail mail & pretty stationary make me happy. I have a thing for clocks (I’m not sure why) & am loving all things donuts at the moment too, both of the eating & decorating variety.
I love taking photos & would love to learn how to use my big girl camera properly (not on auto mode) although most pics I snap on my phone as it’s always with me.

I love a good cuppa, am partial to a chai latte & have a terrible sweet tooth (which is bad as I haven’t been to the dentist in years!) I’m a catalogue queen & shopaholic, with champagne tastes on a beer budget. I’m a romantic at heart, a dreamer & very indecisive, a typical Pisces.image

I live in Australia on the central coast of NSW together with “hubby” (although we’re not actually married & have no immediate plans) & our boys, “Peanut”- 4 yrs & “Pumpkin”- 11 months. Although to the outside world we may look like a family of four, we are a family of five. Our second son Ryan was born VERY prematurely & although he fought hard for 2 weeks, he unfortunately couldn’t stay with us & grew his wings. He is our Angel baby but still as much a part of our family as the rest of us & talked about often.image

I’m currently a stay at home mum, but hardly your typical housewife. I hate cleaning, I’m disorganised & messy & am not much of a cook although I’m trying to work on that. For the last 11 months I’ve been living in a sleep deprived haze as “Pumpkin” is a terrible sleeper. Seriously bad! It’s like I’ve been living the newborn stage this whole time. There have been many emotional nights filled with tears & tantrums & days I’ve felt like chucking it all in. If you know me, you know I love my sleep, so surviving on very little for this long has been torture.

“Peanut” is also pushing boundaries along with all of my buttons & some days it feels like Groundhog Day here. This parenting gig is hard work, but it is also very rewarding. I love these crazy kids of mine sooo much even if they do give me heart attacks daily & lots of grey hairs.imageSo why start a blog? I love reading & following other peoples & have had fleeting thoughts about starting one before, but self doubt always crept in & I wondered if I’d have anything new or interesting to say (& even if I did, would anyone actually want to read it?) But one night whilst up feeding Pumpkin for the millionth time, I had some ideas come to me, as that’s when they usually do these days, (inspiration strikes at crazy o’clock when I’m not sleeping & delirious) & so I thought, why not give it a go?

I’ve been spending too much time  feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, cranky, tired & emotional lately & decided I needed to do something for me. I needed to have an outlet, somewhere to document the everyday moments & things I want to remember. A place that celebrates the good but also allows me to have the odd vent & share the not so great times too. To connect with others who may be feeling the same, people who want to talk, share a story, have a laugh or cry & to know we’re not alone in THOSE moments.

So Messy Rainbows was born as my place to share it all. The good & bad, happy or sad, weird & wonderful. More often than not I’ll focus on the light & bright as I try to look for the rainbows after the storm, but this is real life & it’s not ALL sunshine & rainbows. Sometimes… it’s just messy!!

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web, I hope you like it here.

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                                                          Lozzie x 


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    1. Hi Lou,
      Thanks for stopping by to check out my little blog. I’m following you over on bloglovin too. Always happy to find new people & blogs to follow. Soooo excited for the gift exchange this year. It will be my third time participating.


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