Flavor of the Month {Unicorns}

I’m totally loving unicorns right now. What’s not to love about these magical mythical creatures?

I’ve come across some of the cutest & best of the best unicorn themed items to share with you this month & honestly I want them all! 


1. I absolutely love the little unicorno figurines by tokidoki & have 6 in my collection already, but this larger unicorno figure Pixie is all kinds of awesome & I will have to add it to the collection at some stage. 

2. This woven unicorn soft toy from Kmart is all kinds of cute. I loved it so much I bought one for my new little niece to be, although truth be told, I want to keep it for myself! 

3. This unicorn & raindrop mobile designed by Birdynumnumdesignco is available from Down that Little Lane. It’s so awesome and would add a great pop of colour & whimsy to any nursery.

4. Got a little miss who loves unicorns & jewelry? You can’t go wrong with this sweet little unicorn pendant from Prouds.

5. These Unicorn Little Critters by Little Pouts come in either a large size with an extra accessory of your choice, a sweet mini version or even as a rattle. They’d make a cute cuddle toy or cushion for the cot or bed. 

                              LOZZIE X 

Do you love Unicorns too? Which one would you pick from the above list? Have an idea or suggestion of what you’d like to see in an upcoming flavor of the month post?  Let me know in the comments here, or come say hi over on Instagram or Facebook 

As always, items featured in my flavor of the month posts are not sponsored nor are there affiliate links. They are just things that have caught my eye, that I love & want to share with you.


Flavor of the Month {Cactus}

How can something look so cute & pretty but be sooo prickly! There is just something about a cactus that makes you want to touch it, but then regret that you did straight away… Ouch! (or is that just me?) 

These cute cactus finds will bring you all there is to love about cacti, minus the prickles.

1. Cute crotchet Cactus pots by CactoCactus

2. Little Cactus cushion cover by DaisyDaisyHandmades 

3. Cactus phone cover case available through Casetify get yours here 

4. Sunnylife neon cactus light available from Little Paper Lane

5. Sterling silver & opal inlay cactus necklace by Sunfacetraders

As always, my flavor of the month posts are not sponsored, nor are there any affiliate links. They are just items I’ve come across that I love & want to share with you. 

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                               LOZZIE X

Do you get the overwhelming urge to touch a cactus plant when you see one? Which is your favorite from the products above? Do you have a “flavor” you’d like to see me feature in an upcoming post? 

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Flavor of the Month {Donuts}

I have a terrible sweet tooth & love me a good donut. A freshly made hot cinnamon one is my fav, but I also can’t go past an iced one with sprinkles, cause… SPRINKLES! I’ve never liked jam filled ones though, which is weird because I like donuts & I like jam, just not together… 

However my love of donuts has also spilled over into the decorating, accessorizing world too.So here are just a handful of some of the sweetest ones I’ve come across lately. 

1.Donut cushion by Struckla & Peach 

2.Donut bib from Ollie & Coco

3.Donut phone cover case by Zonkt Designs 

4.Donut play set by Little Fox Crochet

5.Donut garland by Little Puddles 

Donut you just love them all! So adorable!

Again this is not a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links- just products that have caught my eye or that I’m lusting after.

                             LOZZIE X

What’s your favorite type of donut to eat? Which is your pick from the ones above? Have another donut product I should know about?

Tell me, tell me…. Here, over on Insta or Facebook I’d love to hear from you 

Flavor of the Month {Diaries}

Wow 2015 is almost over & what a year it’s been! Every year seems to go by in the blink of an eye these days & this one was no exception. 

Granted I spent most of it in a sleep deprived haze & hardly knew what day of the week it was most of the time, the days & weeks blurred into one but there were some big things that took place for me & my family during the year that will stand out in my mind as I look back on 2015. 

We bought a house!!!! In January this year we FINALLY found one that both hubby & I agreed on, that suited our families needs & budget & in March (on my birthday no less) we picked up the keys to OUR home. 

We celebrated our sons birthdays, 4 yrs- a superhero themed party shared with his cousin at our new local community centre. 2yrs- a low key family day with cake & champagne in memory of our special baby boy & then the annual picnic in his honor with the extended family. A rainbow themed 1st birthday party at our place for our Rainbow Baby.

I launched this little blog. After ummming & aahhing about it for ages I finally bit the bullet & jumped on in & published my first post in September. Finding the time to dedicate to it is hard at the moment but I’m enjoying the creative outlet. 

I lost a body part & said goodbye to my gallbladder with an unexpected operation. 

As I reflect back on the year that was I’m also starting to plan for the year to come & wondering what 2016 has in store for us.

What better way to prepare & organise for the new year than to get a new diary & start to fill in all the important dates, appointments & fun events planned. 

So for the final flavor of the month this year I’ve picked a handful of diaries/planners that I love the look of for 2016.


1. Believe in yourself diary– A simple but sophisticated diary, with inspiring quotes throughout. Perfect for the monochrome lover & those who want a little reminder & encouragement to follow their dreams. Black & white throughout with a fabric cover this diary is no fuss or would be perfect for personalizing with washi & embellishments if you like that kind of thing. If you like The Collective Magazine, you’ll like their diary.

2. The Big Family diary by Mums Office– this one is great for keeping track of everyone in the family. With a week view to a double page spread & grid format that accommodates up to 5 family members it’s the perfect companion for mums to keep track of everyone’s activities. It comes in a range of different coloured covers to suit all tastes. This is a large diary, perfect for the desk or an oversized tote or handbag. Don’t have a family of 5? No worries they make smaller versions too or just utalise the extra columns for things like meal plans, exercise, to do lists etc. Mums Office is a UK based company but they deliver worldwide. 

3. Frankie diary-if you love the magazine, then you’ll love this diary by the same folk. From the cheery yellow cloth cover, to the beautifully illustrated artwork throughout, each page is guaranteed to make you smile all year long.

4. On to it Rose Gold Polkadot diary – I’m loving all things rose gold at the moment & this diary is just lovely. Behind the stylish hardcover you’ll find everything you need to stay super organised: sections for meal planning & exercise, to do lists, a separate contacts booklet, refillable post it notes section & pen loop with pen included.

5. Sweet diary– you can’t go wrong with Kikki K, their products are all great quality & with a style & design to suit everyone you’re spoilt for choice, but this year I’m loving the sweet diary with its cute little images throughout, sticker sheets and space for your contacts. It’s a great compact diary perfect for the handbag. 

                      LOZZIE X 

What’s been the highlight of your 2015? Will you be using a paper planner or diary next year or do you prefer electronic calendars & digital reminders? Do you have a favorite diary from the list above or another?

Tell me everything in the comments here, on Instagram or over on my Facebook page. 

Flavor of the Month {Christmas}

It’s coming up to one of my favorite times of the year, so I thought why not dedicate this month to all things Christmas

Sure Christmas time can be stressful & busy (I use to work in retail & hubby still does so, I KNOW) then there’s lots of running around trying to see all the family, which in this day & age can mean up to 4 or five sides to keep happy & that can be full on! There’s the expense of it all & every year I say I’m going to be organised & stick to a budget (but I LOVE to shop & so that NEVER happens) & it can also be a hard time of year for those celebrating without their loved ones, for any number of reasons. 

But, it’s Christmas. Its magical & special & for the most part people are generally happy & kind to one another (you know, goodwill towards men & all that

If you have young kids it’s extra special because you get to re-live  your childhood Christmas joy through them. Kids are wide eyed & innocent & still believe in the magic of it all & aren’t concerned or aware  of any of that other stuff I just mentioned above. To them Christmas means fun, family time, kindness, presents, Santa & yummy food. And that’s exactly what it should be about. 

So to get us all in the festive mood & help us celebrate some of the joys & traditions of Christmas, I’ve put together some of my favourite Christmas finds for this flavor of the month installment.


1. Santa Key- if you live in an apartment or house without a chimney & you have kids who worry or wonder how Santa will get in to deliver the presents, then this beautiful key available from Finnlee & Me is a sweet little fix to that problem. 

2. Santa Sack- we always had Stockings growing up & I’ve continued that tradition for my own family, but I always loved the idea of finding a big bag of presents left at the end of the bed. If I was to change to this method, then this beautiful Santa sack available from Limetree Kids is what I’d pick. 

3. Elf on the Shelf -some think it’s cute, some think it’s creepy, but I’m on team FUN & am so excited to be starting this tradition for my boys this year & hope they get a lot of joy out of finding our elf & the antics she gets up to every morning. If it also helps curb a few behavioral issues for the month, knowing Santas watching, then that’s not a bad thing either 😉 I found the Book Depository to be the cheapest place to buy them & they ship worldwide for free too. 

4. Felt Ball Wreath – I’m loving all things “feltballs” at the moment & am lusting after so many of Nats amazing creations over at Little Puddles, but for this Christmas theme flavor of the month I couldn’t go past this traditional coloured Christmas wreath. How AMAZEBALLS would this look on your wall. 

5. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Decorations- Our family has a tradition of giving an ornament to one another each year. It’s so nice when decorating the tree to hang up those special decorations from years past & think of the person that gave it to us. I love our eclectic mix of meaningful decorations & would love to add one of these sweet little trees from Song of the Seam to our collection. 

                          Lozzie x

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have any Christmas family traditions? Are you a stocking or Santa sack family?

I’d love to hear all about it, so leave me a comment here or come say hi on Instagram or Facebook

*this is not as sponsored post nor any affiliate links. These are just items I’ve seen during the month that I love & think you might too.

Flavor of the month {Ice cream}

Now that the weather is warming up down here in the Southern Hemisphere & summer is on it’s way I can’t help but think of days spent down at the beach playing in the sunshine, splashing in the surf & finishing the day off with everyones favorite, Ice cream. 

These cute items are guaranteed to make you smile & transport you back to those fun times but without the sticky mess of melted icecream all over your face & hands or the added calories! 


1. Ice cream lamp available at Lark Store. Battery operated, soft light lamp for the bedroom. 

2. Ice cream skipping rope also from Lark Store How cute is this! 

3. Ice cream cushions from Hazel loves Ivy. Cute accessory for the kids playroom/bedroom or even your own.

4. Ice cream clock by Nest Accessories. I LOVE clocks & this is just the sweetest. It’s also available in other flavors (colours) too. 

5. Ice cream tea pot & cup set from Target. A tea party for one has never looked so good. 

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!

                    Lozzie x

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Which item above do you love? Do you know of any other ice cream products I should know about? 

Let me know in the comments below or come say hi over here on Facebook or Instagram  

*This is not a sponsored post nor are there any affiliate links. Just items I’ve come across in the course of the month that caught my eye. 

 Flavor of the month {Rainbows}

So each month I plan to do a round up of a “few of my favorite things” following a theme or “flavor” if you will. 

What better way to kick off this series than with all things Rainbow, as it’s part of my blog’s name & this month we celebrated my *rainbowbaby’s 1st birthday. 

So here are my picks for adding some rainbows & colour into your world. 



1. Rain Bow print tshirt & baby suits by Threadless Cute clothes for the kids, but you can also get them in adult sizes too! 

2. Rainbow name it print by Happyellaafter These unique name prints are amazing & make a great gift idea. Obviously I love the rainbow one but you can choose any shape/design, made up with any name or up to 10 words. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Rainbow blocks by Wooden Wonderland Cute decoration for a nursery or kids bedroom & lots of fun can be had creating different patterns or shapes.

4. Rainbow Teething necklace by Nibbly Bits A colourful fashion accessory for mum & a teether for bubs. Win:win!  

5. Rainbow Sock Monkey by Monkey & Me A cute cuddly toy for the little monkeys in your life. 

This is not a sponsored post nor are any of these affiliate links. These are just items I like that catch my eye throughout the month. Some I may already own or they are on my wish list. 

Do you have a favorite from the list above? Or would you add any other rainbow themed item? Let me know in the comments below.

                      Lozzie x

*A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, still birth, neonatal or infant loss. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.  The storm (pregnancy or child loss) has already happened and nothing can change that experience. Storm-clouds might still be overhead as the family continue to cope with the loss, but something colourful and bright has emerged from the darkness and misery.