Fan Girl Friday #12

Hello Bright Ones, 

So it’s been a little while since I last blogged, for many various reasons, most of which are pretty boring & not worth explaining here so let’s just say I’ve been busy with “life.” Maybe I’ll do a monthly recap post or maybe I won’t, but I figured the easiest way to get back on the “blogging bike” so to speak, is to jump back into my Fan Girl Friday post.

So let’s dive on in shall we, with 2 bloggers I love & follow across multiple social media platforms 🙂 

Kirstin & Co

I love the way Kirstin writes her blog. When reading it, it’s like you’ve just sat down and are having a chat with a friend. Her sense of humor is what keeps me coming back for more & I always have a laugh whilst reading or a smile on my face after finishing one of her posts.

Her blog is a bit of an eclectic mix of lifestyle, fashion, food & fun and one of my favorite things she does is her video segments “cooking with Kirstin”

She is my kinda “cook” with simple, tasty recipes that everyone/anyone can make & not a one features even a hint of kale 🙂 as she herself tells you, she’s #kalefree & this Tim Tam salad proves it. Besides, anyone who also has to eat a few choc chips when opening a bag, for quality control purposes of course, will always win me over.

Some posts of hers I’ve enjoyed are: 

How to quit kale 

Twenty Things I’ve Learned in my 40’s

Five ways to lose weight fast 

But there are sooo many others, it’s best if you just pop over to her blog & start reading & discovering her humor for yourselves 🙂 

Pinch Me Beautiful 

Bec is a fellow coastie & a close friend of my sister in law which is how I was first introduced to her blog which is a lovely mix of devine recipes, cute crafts & stunning photos of her & her families life including the cutest little cat ever!

Some of my favorite posts of hers include:

 This beautiful photographic recap of her & her daughters day out at  Norah Head 

This recipe for Mint Chocolate Brownies – ummm yum! 

This Cute craft idea- Pom Pom Cupcake  

She is also extremely talented, making & selling the most amazingly beautiful wall hanging weaves I have ever seen. She takes custom orders & also runs workshops or one on one classes so you can learn to make your very own too. This is definitely something that is on my “to do/wish/bucket” list.  You can see all of her marvelous creations over on her Instagram account & her hashtag #pmbweaves 

Here’s a small sample of some of my favorites she’s created so far.

Seriously talented right! To see more & be kept in the loop of all of her crafty/creative genius & goodness, follow Bec’s blog, you won’t be disappointed.

As I love these blogs & the ladies behind them, I follow them both on Instagram & Facebook too! Fan Girl much? 😉 

Who are you fan girl crushing on right now? Which blogs are you loving or who should I be following? Share & give your favorites a shout out in the comments below.

And as always you can come say hi to me over at Messy Rainbows on Facebook or Instagram too. I love hearing from you.


6 thoughts on “Fan Girl Friday #12

    1. No worries & thank you for always managing to put a smile on my dial with your stories & antics, even when you’re discussing serious stuff like your health etc you do it in such a positive & fun light hearted way- I love that you always manage to find the humor in situations 🙂


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