Fan Girl Friday #11

Hello Bright Ones, 

Hope you’ve all had a super week!  Any exciting plans for the weekend?

We are suppose to be catching up with some friends but after a couple weeks of Pumpkin being sick on & off, now that he’s FINALLY on the mend, Peanut has of course come down with a cough & cold! I swear it’s a never ending sickness cycle here sometimes & I always say the easiest way to guarantee your kids will get sick is to make plans! Aargh it’s soooo frustrating & I’m a little bit over it.

But enough of my little pity party & on with this fortnights installment of Fan Girl Friday. 

This week I’m highlighting two creative ladies over on Instagram.


Bee is a talented artist who loves to faff around with leaves, flowers & sometimes food to make some truly amazing creations. 


She also does dot paintings on rocks, wood & canvas & sells some of these beautiful pieces on her etsy page Creationz by Bee. I’ve purchased a few items of hers but my favorite is my purple painted rock necklace that I always get compliments on. 

Seriously do yourself a favor & check out her page & you will fall in love with her magical images & artwork too. 



Michelle’s gallery is just dreamy. I was drawn to it because of her beautiful  beachy photos, but I love all of her images, they are so pretty & soothing to look at. 


She also gets her creative on from time to time & comes up with some fab pics such as these below


Her Instagram feed is a bit of an eclectic mix, but each & every image is lovely & just makes me want to see more. So go on, click the link with her name above & go show her some page some love. 

Next time on Fan Girl Friday I’ll be highlighting two blogs I think you’ll like. Til then, stay colourful & bright. 

                            LOZZIE X 

Are you on Instagram? What’s your profile name, leave it in a comment below so I can come & say hello. 

You can also pop over & say hello to me on my Instagram page here or on Facebook I love hearing from you 


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