Flavor of the Month {Donuts}

I have a terrible sweet tooth & love me a good donut. A freshly made hot cinnamon one is my fav, but I also can’t go past an iced one with sprinkles, cause… SPRINKLES! I’ve never liked jam filled ones though, which is weird because I like donuts & I like jam, just not together… 

However my love of donuts has also spilled over into the decorating, accessorizing world too.So here are just a handful of some of the sweetest ones I’ve come across lately. 

1.Donut cushion by Struckla & Peach 

2.Donut bib from Ollie & Coco

3.Donut phone cover case by Zonkt Designs 

4.Donut play set by Little Fox Crochet

5.Donut garland by Little Puddles 

Donut you just love them all! So adorable!

Again this is not a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links- just products that have caught my eye or that I’m lusting after.

                             LOZZIE X

What’s your favorite type of donut to eat? Which is your pick from the ones above? Have another donut product I should know about?

Tell me, tell me…. Here, over on Insta or Facebook I’d love to hear from you 


11 thoughts on “Flavor of the Month {Donuts}

  1. It’s like a sea of deliciousness without all the calories! Lol

    Thanks for sharing my donut case, it is my fav of the foodie face serious for me. My daughter disagrees she likes the icecream the best. Ha

    Living the donut garland I spotted that just before Xmas. I reackon that would go awesome on a Christmas tree theme! 😊


    1. Yep I love all things donuts & unicorns atm but the ice cream is super cute too! Gotta love calorie free treats & what a cool idea for the garland. I am so lusting after it, it’s adorable & takes felt ball garlands to the next level.


  2. I love all of these things because I can get my donut on, without any of the calories. I’m a big fan of Kim’s donut phone cases, they really are the cutest!


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