Flavor of the Month {Cactus}

How can something look so cute & pretty but be sooo prickly! There is just something about a cactus that makes you want to touch it, but then regret that you did straight away… Ouch! (or is that just me?) 

These cute cactus finds will bring you all there is to love about cacti, minus the prickles.

1. Cute crotchet Cactus pots by CactoCactus

2. Little Cactus cushion cover by DaisyDaisyHandmades 

3. Cactus phone cover case available through Casetify get yours here 

4. Sunnylife neon cactus light available from Little Paper Lane

5. Sterling silver & opal inlay cactus necklace by Sunfacetraders

As always, my flavor of the month posts are not sponsored, nor are there any affiliate links. They are just items I’ve come across that I love & want to share with you. 

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Do you get the overwhelming urge to touch a cactus plant when you see one? Which is your favorite from the products above? Do you have a “flavor” you’d like to see me feature in an upcoming post? 

Share your thoughts here on the blog or over on Instagram or Facebook. I love to hear from you 


6 thoughts on “Flavor of the Month {Cactus}

  1. The cushion and the crochet pots are my favourites by far! I love your flavour of the month posts, I’d love to see dogs or pineapples. I might be behind the times though, are pineapples passe?!


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